My Friend Jack

Kindness goes a really long way (I could’ve said “really” once more), especially in the area of one’s self-confidence and realistic self-esteem.  In these vital and critical places, my friend Jack Palmer has been invaluably kind to me… no harsh words, only God’s truth.

“I Often Wonder”

Jack Palmer’s new blog is really taking off, and it’s blessing the Glory Shield Ministries family immeasurably.  I knew the man could write and had written some beautiful things but – as I’ve truly delved into his writings, taking time to listen to what Holy Spirit has to say about publishing them – I’ve seen a side to his writing that is directly reflective of God’s heart for believers, and of my heart as a believer.  Jack’s been given a very powerful ability to capture and accurately describe emotion (almost disconcertingly so).  I thought only King David could do that… man, was I wrong!  Some things of his I read while pulling a blanket up under my chin because my deepest ponderings have been uncovered by his prose. Folks, writing like that is a miraculous gift, indeed, and Jack’s got it.

I guess because I know so much of his heart, its expression is easily “read” by me.

In any case, the Lord has given Jack favor as his blog reaches souls across the waters in Thailand, above our heads in Canada and so forth, as blessed blogs do.  Yesterday Lynette told him of the success God has granted his work, and his heart was blessed.  I think he was surprised, too, since he is a genuinely humble man… the best kind of man.

“I Often Wonder” has followers from all walks and ways of life and, whether they know Jesus or not, they’re hearing about Him… and from the perspective of one of His “real” children.  Jack’s a guy who doesn’t “front” like he knows everything – he feels pain just like any man.  But when it comes to his longing for Christ, he knows full well what he’s saying and doing… and he communicates the soul of his love as well as anyone I’ve encountered.

I love Jack very much, for his love of Christ as well as his many kindnesses to me.  Like I said, kindness goes a really (really) long way.

God bless.



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