Oh, April!

You can’t always trust April. Yeah, it’s a good month and all but, weather-wise, it can always surprise you.

April 6, 1982 for instance… I remember my earthly father looking out the front-door window and simply hollering to us upstairs as we lay snug in our beds, “Don’t even bother… school’s closed! Nobody’s going anywhere today.” (True music to school-kid ears…) Sure enough, overnight we’d been walloped with two feet of snow!  In APRIL?!  Heyyy, what happened to spring?

Fast-forwarding to an April morning in my adulthood as I visited a friend and camped out on the couch until the smell of breakfast woke me.  When we turned the television on, its report was that three feet of the white stuff had grid-locked the city, and my friend and her husband were both stuck at home that day with me, the news, and weather channel for company.  All in April.

I’m sure there’s plenty more occasions of which I’m not aware.  It doesn’t make April a bad month, though; like I said up top – April’s all right enough.  It’s just that… for a so-called “spring month”, I find it may harbor some winter allegiances.  We need to consider that.

Have a great day, y’all.



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