Loving Blogs and Blogging!

Fountain Pen - 3 blogsDaddy’s Girl posts are thought out very prayerfully in conjunction with hearing God’s voice. I love all the blogs and vlogs the Lord has given me in the ministry of encouragement and strength that is Glory Shield but, I admit, Daddy’s Girl is my favorite.

It’s my favorite because of its focus… “Extolling the tender heart of God.” It’s such a privilege for me to do that.  I know it’s the same for all those He has assigned with communicating His true heart to the masses.

God has always been so maligned and mistreated by ignorance and evil throughout the ages.  He is NOTHING like I thought He was, and I was raised to love Him!  He is NOT the harsh taskmaster the enemy makes Him out to be… far, far from it!  I’m shaking my head because of the many things I’ve had to “unlearn” about Him over the years He has drawn me to His Bosom.  I am nothing without Him and His Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.

[I cover all of this testimony with the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh, and I forbid the enemy or his minions/operatives any access to any of it whatsoever, in Jesus’ Name.]

By God’s power we’re on our way to 13,000 visits in less than 18 months for Daddy’s Girl alone; nearly 20,000 ministry-wide, with a couple hundred followers.  That’s not bad for a virtual newbie to blogs and blogging; I’m continually encouraged by the myriad Christian bloggers all over the Internet with followers in the multiplied thousands and even millions.  I know that God is working continually throughout the lives of earth’s inhabitants in spectacularly miraculous ways.  The Lord has commissioned me; the Lord has blessed me; it is He Who has trained me in the art of writing, answering a prayer of my heart born of the LOVE of writing with which He impregnated my spirit in childhood.  ALL blessings flow from Him, and I am blessed every minute He uses me… which is pretty much every minute!

I have loved sharing with and learning from my Word Press family and friends all over the Internet as I write about loving the blogs and the ministry of TRUTH Jehovah has birthed and supported within me.  I’m having the time of my life, and I hope and pray all of you are being benefited by what God has to say through all that He’s created.

God bless you.



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