Born 23 Ziv

Tomorrow’s my birthday and I am trying to take it all in.  How I feel today is I don’t feel old.  That’s a blessing. I feel what I am…



Cared for




FREE in Jesus.

“He who the Son sets free is free indeed.”

Tomorrow is my true, God-ordained, Hebrew calendar birthday and I feel really good.  I am blessed by the God of my mother and her mother and father before her.  My senses are full of the realization that I am a beloved child of God.  I am no longer where I used to be – physically or spiritually – and my Year of Jubilee is about to start. (I cover that truth & the year with the Blood of Jesus.)

Completing 49 (tomorrow) – beginning 50 thereafter.

Lord willing, the celebration will be with loved ones and dinners (all weekend) featuring cakes, and pies… and JESUS.  Comfortable and cozy and filled with adoration and adulation…




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