Are you ready for what God’s Joy exposes?

I’m so glad to be rid of my former married name that I believe it has exposed some undue anger in me. The Lord can use whatever He wishes to expose the things in us that He desires to cleanse, purge, and heal; unjust and undue and excessive anger is one of them. Gramling was a name that I had for a season and a time and a circumstance of God’s own making which didn’t turn out the way that He planned due to the unbelief, fear, and disobedience of others. But now that has long-since past, and a new day has dawned in me. No more Gramling, and I’m glad! I forgive and I’m willing to give up that anger and move on, for I am my Heavenly Father’s daughter. I also ask God’s forgiveness for harboring that anger in the first place.  Amen.

So what’s the new last name you ask? Well, my friends, God keeping me that will be released all in good time. 🙂

Until then, please pray for me and I’ll pray for you that God’s new beginnings take hold in our lives in all new ways and in blessings greater than we could ever have thought or imagined. Amen!



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