Observing Matrimony: A Testimony

What I find fascinating about being newly married (nearly 7 months) is how much I’m learning about my own sexual appetites and temperatures. While I enjoy intimacy with my husband like any wife would, I am not overtly sexual. Most men are, and I admit that sometimes I feel bad about not being as “hungry” as my husband.

I notice I have sexual cravings and urges in what I call “clusters”. It’s not surprising that the height of our activity surrounds my ovulation cycles… after all, it ain’t over ’til it’s over. 🙂  Sitting back and watching me be me after not having an opportunity to be sexual according to God’s definitions (within the bonds of matrimony) has been quite educational.

I’ve also learned that men never grow too old for interest in sex.  Their appetites really do persist well into later years.  My husband is 28 years my senior, and I am 50… you do the math; the man is absolutely still going strong, and he is attractive and sexy. “Interested” in sex is an understatement. He is very healthy!

I cover this testimony with the Blood of Jesus and I forbid the enemy access to it.  God has truly blessed us both, and the best part for me is getting to know myself sexually after all these years.

Thank You, Jesus!

(Btw, if you are still waiting on God’s promises for matrimony, don’t give up hope. What He’s graciously and faithfully done for one He’ll do for all, with just as much grace and faithfulness.)


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