Focus and God

I’ve seen it happen.  I know that I am capable of intense concentration and focus; it’s God-given and many people have it… but there are folks who utilize it more often than I, especially now that I don’t live alone.

Not complaining, just stating truth.  You know, it’s probably better that I don’t “lose myself” as often in deep concentration as I used to… I can get pretty agitated if I’m disturbed.

So how do I feel about concentration and focus?  I absolutely LOVE them, to the point where I avoid losing myself in them because I might turn into a fish; I’m not the type to drown, I love the meditative “waters” too much. Know what I mean?

So, I court deep focus sparingly and rarely have long visits…

… unless it is to be with the Lord.  (“In His law he meditates, day and night.”)  There, the concentration is so necessary and intoxicating, it doesn’t matter who has to wait ’til I’ve finished. It doesn’t matter who’s waiting outside the door.



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