Painting Water

“Golden Stream” Copyright 2016, Sharon Palmer. (ARR)


Here’s the latest painting completed to my satisfaction. I’m enjoying working with earth tones and learning to paint water. (Tell you what, though – Holy Spirit painted that bird! Ha!)


There’s something special about water (it’s representative of Holy Spirit) in all its forms, but streams and ocean waves for me are the best. For now, I’m learning how to paint streams… living, quiet, rolling, consistent, persistent… all good qualities and, therefore, qualities of God.

Even though it’s the most destructive element on earth, I love water. It’s subject to the hands of God and to His permissive will; it’s life-giving, soothing, reflective, and beautiful. God willing, I will live to paint more of water.  Much, much more.

Lord willing, even more challenging projects in general are coming. I’m grateful for the chance to share, and I’m in the mood to paint! God bless.



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