Progress & Fun: “A Portrait of Clouds”

"A Portrait of Clouds" Copyright 2016, S. Palmer.

Some parts of life are like banks of cumulus clouds – grandiose, artistically bright, fluffy, and fun. Then other parts are also like cumulus clouds – overgrown, overblown, never-ending, exaggerated, and full of drama.

That’s a lot to surmise from towers of misty water!

I’m experimenting with different landscape elements and styles as I travel a heretofore unknown path. Creatively speaking, it’s loads of fun to see what’s stashed inside me. Artistically speaking… well, Rome wasn’t built in a day! 🙂

My mother was a staunch proponent of the truism that “practice makes perfect”. So am I, except I’m not going for perfection here… just definite progress. That takes patience and, in my opinion, patience generates excellence; something a lot sweeter and tons less neurotic or demanding than perfection. God rewards perseverance with His grace and, in excellence and grace, there is always room for progress and fun; that’s what I’m looking for.



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