A Nice One

“Serenity” © 2017 SJ Palmer

I got so carried away with a personal distraction yesterday that I didn’t give proper attention to the truth that my painting has really improved. This work is called, “Serenity”… named so by my husband.  I probably would have called it Birch Meadow or something like that but, either way, I’m pleased with it and want it to have its props.

Oh, yeah… I’m definitely just a hobbyist painter – nothing even amateur level about my work – but I was once a not-so-good hobbyist, and now I believe I’m a good one. Not fishing, just stating truth IMO. Half of that status is having fun, right? In that case, I’ve definitely arrived! 🙂

Practice pays off when it meets God’s mercy and kind impartations. No more stick figures for me, folks… I’ve finally learned to paint AND enjoy it.

This is a nice one! 🙂



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