So much has happened to me over the last few years with God showering me with His blessings.  I recall just a few years ago wanting to start a blog – just one blog – about my feelings and what I’d learned from Him to help others, etc., and He lovingly stopped me, saying I was not yet ready.


Oh, my goodness – was He RIGHT!!!

Sooo much I’ve gone through since then, but now… I’m ready.  I’m ready because He’s made me so and, in truth, I now manage not just one blog online, but EIGHT… and He’s also released His permission for the continued growth of a new website now enjoying its third year blessing and encouraging others in Jesus’ Name!

I now have been commissioned by Him with 8 Blogs and a Website, y’all!  Woohoo!

Wowee… that’s an awesome challenge in Him – well, more like a kind, loving request He’s made of me – a commission, a call that I am worthy of due to HIS WORK IN ME and His Love for me, and His power.  This is the Lord’s doing, entirely, and that’s why I’m here now.

I just want to write about it here.  The eight blogs are quite successful because of His anointing; they are changing lives every day around the world, literally, and I’m so glad – so blessed and so grateful.

That’s the “why” of this blog, folks – for anyone who wants to read my personal thoughts and expressions to God.  Though I’ve made the posts public (to bless anyone who might stop by), that is not what this blog is for or about.  The “why” of this blog is to express my feelings to God and about God and His newly-commissioned work in me because I am a writer, and I best express what’s going on inside of me by talking and by writing… usually by writing while I talk.  Bless you and, above all, bless His Holy Name!



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