Nice feeling…

I’ve gotten some positive feedback on my art lately… but from works I’ve posted on a different  blog site .

I wanted to make note of what a nice feeling it is to bless others with my art, especially since painting is a new gift to me from God. There’s blessing others and there’s the blessing I get from being appreciated.  We all want to be loved, and God sees to it that we are; but it’s a nice feeling when people share their love, too.

Thank the Lord.



Named But Unnamed


I know what I’m calling this second abstract endeavor, but I won’t be sharing that. Suffice it to say, this is one of those “intellectual” abstracts so-called, because I had a specific idea in mind when I started the project. I’m pleased with it, and so is my family.

The key to producing works that give me JOY is praying beforehand; spending time with the Lord and gushing all over Him is what did this for me… blessing the Lord with no one else around is my absolute favorite way to worship; just Him and me. (I’m not knocking corporate worship by any means, because it certainly has its place and power.)

God willing I will live to meet with Him again (soon) and bring my next creative project to life. I’m having a good time… I mean a really good time…

Praise God!


Abstracts! Who Knew?

My emotions have finally got something here!

All this time I’ve been painting… and painting… hoping for a way to connect my artistic side to creative motivation (not “drive” – I don’t like that term) and now, in one brief morning after arguing with my husband (rather, “at” my husband) I  discover my heart!

It’s in Abstract painting.

So easy, yet so hard… just putting your emotions on the canvas; I’m used to letting the emotions go up into the air and into the hand of God. There’s nothing wrong with that, and they still end up in God’s hands (it’s where they belong); but now I can leave something I like in the embers of those visceral flares, and it’s called Abstract painting.

This one’s simply (and aptly) called, “1st Abstract Painting”, and it follows the principle of Thirds about which I’ve recently read.  It makes sense to me and to my family, so that’s a good start. But what’s more, it adequately communicates my feelings at the time I created it and, afterwards, I felt better… MUCH better. I played praise music while I painted it and focused on the Lord; He relieved the weight of the sadness and frustration, added hope to my sorrows, and His Righteous Judgement (the stream and flecks of black) to my tears.

God is wonderful.

It’s a “non-intellectual” abstract painting, it has nothing to do with mental planning or orchestration but engaged only my emotions and what made painting feel good to me. No more holding my breath under water. PRAISE GOD. I’ve found the medium I’ve have been waiting for… it’s Abstract painting: who knew?

“1st Abstract Painting” © 2016 SJPalmer

[I cover this testimony with the Precious Blood of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh, and I forbid the enemy or any of his flunkies any access to it, in Jesus’ Name.]