Give God a Chance

Very few among us have ever really given God a chance.  By “a chance” I mean honestly giving Him a fair shot at not just generating a miracle in our lives… but at running our lives His way.

Folks like to think they know all there is to know about themselves and most of their situations. Thankfully, not me. Oh, I used to feel that way… at least mostly, but sinful life unraveled that folly pretty quickly.

Holy Spirit approached me very simply and honestly… “Just give God a chance,” He said.  “Just try Him and see what happens. Give Him an honest-to-goodness try and see whether or not He delivers you and comes through for you.”

So I did, and He did.  God always keeps His word – always.  He absolutely, positively never fails.  When people reject or forsake Him and wind up in Hell, they’ve failed… not God.  When we genuinely trust and obey the Lord through to the end, His Way and Plan always works to our salvation, benefit, and blessing. Always.

Heaven is filled with all those who just gave Him a chance.



Stronger Features

I think the website needs to feature the blogs more than it does.  I mean, the Glory Shield website’s backbone is the amazing blog ministry the Lord has given me; Holy Spirit breathes every word of the blogs into print, and Abba God needs to be glorified with more focus on the website.

The challenge is that I started Daddy’s Girl before Glory Shield came into being. Daddy’s Girl was the blog through which God began it all… I almost want to name the ministry “Daddy’s Girl Ministries” – but I know that’s not what really should be done.  I’m walking through life under my true Father’s shield – the shield of my identity as His daughter shelters me with life as His blood flows through me.  I’m walking “in” the shadow of my Father’s shield.  I’m ministering beneath my Father’s shield, in safety and confidence.  I know who I am more than ever now, because I’m carrying my Abba’s shield… His shield of Glory – of true, passionate, and powerful intimacy with Him.  That’s His Glory.  HALLELUJAH!

Something needs to be done and I solicit prayers of the body of Christ as I seek the Lord for a rebuild of the website to more thoroughly feature the powerful work of Abba’s hands through the blog ministry.  That’s mainly what I’ve been called to, know what I mean?  The teachings are in the blogs, the encouragements are in the blogs, the laughter and tears and revelatory truths are primarily in the blogs.  I need God’s savvy to bring honor and focus even more so to His work in me.  I’m a daughter of Jesus Christ and I love blogging!  It’s one of the most powerful arms of writing and teaching ministry for which I’ve been called and equipped. 

Prayers are appreciated.


Father of “Good” Things

It’s been a weird feeling over the past week to not even want to post because I’ve been ill; believe me, that rarely happens.

There’s still congestion in my head and chest, but God has seen to my right mind coming back after a few days’ bout with fever (which always stinks); it’s given me unprecedented, renewed appreciation for WATER.  Simple, refreshing, living-giving, hydrating W A T E R.  The only thing that truly quenches our body’s thirst.

Ain’t that just like Jesus?

Let’s face it, friends, that parallel is timeless and awesome.  JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE WHO QUENCHES EVERY THIRST.

I’ve been pretty thirsty over the years, and I’m not alone, I know.  All those substitutions we look to and count on to transform our lives by shoving them into the “Jesus” hole in us… unbelievable.

What I Believe

Some folks believe God created everyone with a hole in them that only He can fill.  I don’t believe that.

I believe God created us all in perfect condition… Adam and Eve were filled by God and His Presence, completely; that’s what I believe.  Then came the enemy and temptation and mankind’s acceptance of sin’s deadly invitation…

I believe sin ripped a hole into what was once God’s perfect creation.  Think about it – there are no voids or failures  in God or in His works, ever.  God didn’t create the sin principle in us, and God didn’t create that hole – sin did. Mankind’s agreement with satan ripped that gaping maw into our fiber when we threw God out as our one and only Source, Supply, and Answer – and our loving God has been trying to heal us of  evil deeds and refill that hole with Himself through reconciliation in Christ, ever since.

That’s what I believe.

All Good Things

So Christ has quenched my thirst this week, in spirit and in body, by bringing me back to good health and to my right mind in Him – devoid of feverish attacks and incoherence.  Everybody – especially writers – deeply appreciates clear thinking.  I know I do.

Infections bite!

So thank You, dear Abba, for filling the hole in me.  Thank You for water and sunshine and rain and cool night breezes and warm blankets in winter.  Thank You for filling every hole and every need and every desire of our hearts turned solemnly and righteously to You.  Thank You that You are always and only the Father of Good Things.