“He” Does the Work

The coolest thing in the world happened to me on Monday.

I was thinking about the latest post for Daddy’s Girl and what it would be; I’d been researching some things in my memory annals and going over what should be said and seeking God prayerfully about them, so I knew they were “good” topics.  But whether or not one of them was to be the next topic I didn’t know for certain… I thought I did, but now I know I didn’t.

I love coming to this blog site.  Even when I miss a day or two (or five), I always return to air my thoughts on any given day and appreciate the real freedom this type of blogging gives me.  I don’t have to use proper English or punctuation here (though I usually do just out of habit and training and a love for proper use of each); I don’t care as much about proper sentence structure or whether or not the post has a continuous “theme” I’m supposed to stick to for the edification of the readers.  This is a my time blog site, people; do you know what I mean?  Here I hang loose; here, I’m just “me”, and God appreciates that.

So here’s what He did for me:

Monday He asked me to sit down and begin writing in the “diary” blog for a while… and I jumped at the chance.  I wrote what I felt, I wrote what I wanted, how I wanted (not that I’m ever adverse to what and how God wants things written)… I wrote with abandon and love about His circumstances all around me and about my relationship with Him and how He alone understands me and is my “daddy” in the truest most earnest sense there is, and I loved it, friends; most assuredly I did.  He loved it, too.

In fact, when I was finished, He said, “now put this post on Daddy’s Girl.”

FOLKS, I WAS FLOORED!  Delighted, rest assured, but absolutely floored nonetheless!  I didn’t have to put on any frame of mind honoring the “positioning” as pastor He’s granted me… I didn’t have to be “pastor-minded” (oh, silly me!); I didn’t have to do any of that.  All I needed to be – TRULY be – was Daddy’s Girl, for real; for honest and for true, as Lynette would say, and He accepted it of me as a post for the main ministry blog.

See how screwed up my thinking had been??!!

WELL, NOT ANY MORE, thank You, Jesus!  As He’s said in the past, my lovelies… it never gets any more complicated than the simple gushing love of this little girl with her arms tightly latched around her Daddy’s neck.  Never.  Sharing the reality and truth of that simple place of relationship with Him is all the “ministry” anyone will ever need.

And when I’m simply Daddy’s Girl – truly Daddy’s Girl – just Sharon or Shamma… God says I’m at my best.  All my “positioning” HE watches over… HE maintains it, not me.  All I have to do is just “be”, and He’s eternally pleased with me.  That goes for all of us and our relationship with Him.  That’s why Jesus did not regard equality with God as something to be grasped, my friends; Abba maintained His positioning and authority; Abba did the work through Him so that Christ Jesus could become a nobody, like you and me.  He became “of no reputation”, the Bible says… “and being found in the fashion of man He humbled Himself and became obedient unto death; even to the death of the cross”, scripture continues.

If Christ did that as my eternal example – then I am to do it also.  I am not to make my calling my identity or something I have to “hold on to” – it isn’t.  My calling is simply my authority in Abba… the place from which His Spirit within me wields HIS Sword of power.  I am only and always “His Shamma”… His obedient one… His daughter… His grateful, loving, little girl… indeed, Daddy’s Girl.

What a wonderful lesson!  What a confident, compassionate, blessed reality and truth!  Like Christ, I need not speak “in” myself, “of” myself, or “for” myself… but THE FATHER WHO DWELLS IN ME, HE DOES THE WORK!

How easy… How Glorious.  Amen.

Be blessed, everybody.



“Pastor” – A Giant Chisel in the Hand of God

I know this is a serious call.  I NEVER thought it would include me.  I mean it.  No false modestly or humility here… only truth.  In so many ways I know it’s still undefinable.  I’m looking for a way to “define” it to my personality, because that’s the kind of person I am.  God wants me to be another way, however, concerning LEANING on and TRUSTING in Him alone.  There’s the rub of transformation, my friends!  “Pastor” is not a job, it’s a (good) “Condition of the Heart”.

It’s interesting, though; the other day (a few weeks ago) God and I had a conversation where I was talking to Him about not having children in my life just yet.  I was also crying to Him about not wanting to be “selfish” anymore.  I put the two thoughts together and God connected them for me.

How’s He “chiseling” Me?

“Children grow you up”, I heard a man very dear to me say.  I believe this is true.  But with no children of my own yet, I said to God that a very critical component of learning SELFLESSNESS is missing in my life.  I know it’s through NO fault of God’s, or of mine, for that matter. So… I said to God, “Father, I need to learn selflessness some other way because children are not an option right now.”  How are You going to teach me this? He basically said, I’ve already put something else in your life to give you this quality:  I’ve called you to the Pastorate. Oh, my Lord everybody! Oh my sweet Lord!  I see it so clearly now…!  And it makes this call on me easier to bear because it’s not so much a task I’m undertaking as it is an avenue of Godly transformation to which I’m submitting.  Let me explain further so that I can hear my own heart in this. ( That’s often deeply necessary, you know?)

No pastor can give more to others than God gives to them.  In other words, you can’t teach what you don’t know – you can’t lead where you don’t go.  To communicate to others the enormously tender (downright mushy) heart of God, the supernaturally everlasting provision of God, and the unconditional love of God I must hold out my hands to God to receive these things in multiples through the avenue of true comprehension.

What?  What does that mean?

Well, the Lord once told me that His definition of “comprehend” is to know experientially.  In other words, to go through the stuff you’re teaching about.  Again, you can’t teach what you don’t know, etc.  That’s what Jesus did.  He was made the Captain of our salvation THROUGH sufferings… through going through all the muck and mire that makes one handsome and whole in God.  So I’m going through the avenues of wholly depending upon God to meet ALL my needs, and, for me, the REAL fire in this is realizing that I have NEVER truly understood and comprehended that I am NOT my own supply IN ANY WAY!  I admit it – prior to this calling and testing and transformation wrought by God – I did not understand it.

I would say pious stuff like, God is the One Who got me this job – and I meant it.  But because I didn’t truly understand it or its honest application to my life and heart, it was just a sentence of cool words I clung to in gratitude.  Now God graciously accepted that gratitude from me, but He had a totally different world of understanding in line about it to present unto me when I was ready.  A world of comprehending experientially… to know in understanding applied to my life’s experiences in not being able to supply a single cent of what I want for myself in finances of myself… what a joke that now is to my psyche and to my senses, and to my reality in understanding and comprehending Him! And Holy Spirit gently told me, “Sharon, you’ve NEVER been your own source for ANYTHING, ever.”  Period.  No one ever is…

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”  (James 1:17)  Amen.

He is Faithful

And God supplies, every day and every month, the things I need to keep on going in Him.  A “job” doesn’t do it – I stopped receiving unemployment checks over a year ago – and the transcription I’m paid for online is wonderful, but it doesn’t do a thing to defray the costs of living my set-apart life in Him in the way that I do.  GOD DOES IT ALL, friends, and He’s always done it all.  Even when I thought He just supplied the job and I earned the paycheck, I was absolutely dreaming! GOD DID IT ALL THEN, and HE’S DOING IT ALL NOW.

That’s a major lesson and transformation of my complete psyche He’s affecting through His call to the Pastorate in my life.  Really, I don’t believe anything else – any kind of lesson in living – would have been as effective in teaching me that.  And the power of learning how God’s heart can impact the hearts of those around me towards unselfish giving has made a purely unselfish heart out of mine.  It’s still going on within me; I can feel it increasing every day.

I don’t believe I will ever pass by a need in the Body of Christ (or anywhere for that matter) without sincerely asking God if I can contribute to its relief in some way, because I (now) truly know what it is to need someone to just give you things, with no strings attached… even if you cannot repay.  And I know what it is to see hearts willing to give in the same vein, never even looking to be repaid.  That’s amazing selfLESSness, people.  My Sweet Lord Jesus, that’s amazing.

More of this later, I’m sure… these thoughts are never-ending.


To Rejoice or Not To Rejoice

I’m a bit distracted.  Actually, there are many days like this in the lives of believers because the enemy wants to knock us down and steal our joy.

I’m having difficulties with a friend right now, and that’s been a bit of a snare to the total JOY I should be feeling with the launching of the new website, Glory Shield Ministries (which can be accessed from the main menu).

I just wanted to state the situation, not really go into it.  I know God’s got it covered inside of me, though.  Tell me, what would we ever do without Jesus, guys? (Well, let’s see… I, for one, would be dead and in Hell right now… no joke.)


Anyhow, I’ve just declared in the Name of Jesus that I will NOT relinquish my JOY over this day of days for my online activities in Christ.  THIS IS REALLY COOL, y’all!  Really – no fronting or faking – just honestly awesome, and I’m full of smiles for the Lord.  They might be more inward than outward right now, but inward is what counts the most.  So, about all of this wonderfulness – the distinct possibilities for world outreach and souls saved and having just plain old good times in Jesus – I choose to REJOICE! Amen!

What You See Is What You Get

Site hosting is a labor of love.  An all-consuming, painstaking, trial-and-error labor of love.  But I’m liking it. :0)

I’m probably the personification of “no frills”, folks – I mean it.  In my character, in my manner, and my tastes and appearance I am very low maintenance, ordinary, and content with what I have.  That’s the Lord’s doing, and I find living life this way TONS easier.

As my Pastor puts it, Sharon is not “bling”.  That is so true.  But I’m not boring, either.  I’m not poverty-minded or hum-drum or mean or evasive or even lax… [wow, that’s nice!]; I’m just straightforward, no-nonsense, simple, and in LOVE with the Truth like most teachers. That also is God’s doing; so the website looks like that.  If you visit, you won’t be bored with its content, you’ll be blessed… but there are no “bells and whistles” to it.  None.  Just me and my love for God.

Just JESUS and me –  I’m so glad!

Enjoy your day in Him.

=0]  Shamma