It’s My Time

It’s my time to stand up for Jesus… to stand up for God and not belly-ache.

I deleted a post I wrote yesterday because the simple truth is that NOW it’s my time to actually live what I have been preaching; to stand up for Jesus and love unconditionally, and really and wholly and truly.  It’s my time to TRUST GOD!

It’s my time to be strong and stand in the Lord and in the power of His might.  It’s my time to show that I am faithful to what He has promised in terms of my believing.  I am faithful to believe.  It’s my time to show that I am faithful to believe.

I love Jesus.

Persevering and freedom and encouraging myself in the Lord, I am going to press on by His power.  I am NOT ‘down in the dumps’, I am NOT discouraged.  I am going to press on, move on, and be FREE by His power over me – by His power manifested in my life.  I love the Lord.

I love Jesus.  I believe in Him.  I submit to the “Light” He has placed in me.  Now, it’s my time to shine.





Fruitful? Here’s the Truth…

John-15-2 for 3 Blogs post

God gave me a word about this verse recently.  The enemy was trying to beat up on me regarding not having physical children.  As usual, his grasp is one-dimensional.  Still, it took a while for me to remember this, and Holy Spirit had to come to my rescue (as always) with the truth.

All Manner of Fruit

Thankfully, God is anything BUT one-dimensional.  To say He’s “deep” is so inadequate, it’s nearly insulting.  English is abysmally near-sighted, but it’s the best I can do – short of speaking in tongues – to give God the props and glory He so richly deserves.  He understands the language of my heart, thank God… because I don’t always… and He knew I was concerned about this matter of “bearing fruit”.  He knew I didn’t want to be a foolish servant coming empty-handed before her Master Who’d given her SO much to work with.  He knows “fruit” is what I want to bear; He knows I want children.  Most importantly, though, He knows I HAVE BORN FRUIT, and I DO HAVE CHILDREN.  God’s definitions are far above ours… especially mine!

To comfort my soul, He spoke a word to my spirit – here’s an excerpt of it:

“[You] cannot contain all the fruit birthing through [you] from My Spirit, and will not be able to hold back anything with which My Spirit impregnates [you].  Blessed is the fruit of [your] spiritual womb.

Have nothing to do with discouragement – it is a cancer and sure destruction to My call and purpose in your life… Live in Me and through Me.”

AMEN.  My spirit and soul says, AMEN.  Spiritual fruit is still fruit.  Spiritual fruit reaps reward.  What God says is fruitful I will not call unfruitful; for God’s word and definitions are those that will stand. The pruning He will perform, I will readily (and JOYFULLY) receive. I will honor it as sharp censure to all the chiding of the enemy.  Here’s the truth:

I am fruitful, I am His, and I will not give place to discouragement.

Neither should any of you.


Father of “Good” Things

It’s been a weird feeling over the past week to not even want to post because I’ve been ill; believe me, that rarely happens.

There’s still congestion in my head and chest, but God has seen to my right mind coming back after a few days’ bout with fever (which always stinks); it’s given me unprecedented, renewed appreciation for WATER.  Simple, refreshing, living-giving, hydrating W A T E R.  The only thing that truly quenches our body’s thirst.

Ain’t that just like Jesus?

Let’s face it, friends, that parallel is timeless and awesome.  JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE WHO QUENCHES EVERY THIRST.

I’ve been pretty thirsty over the years, and I’m not alone, I know.  All those substitutions we look to and count on to transform our lives by shoving them into the “Jesus” hole in us… unbelievable.

What I Believe

Some folks believe God created everyone with a hole in them that only He can fill.  I don’t believe that.

I believe God created us all in perfect condition… Adam and Eve were filled by God and His Presence, completely; that’s what I believe.  Then came the enemy and temptation and mankind’s acceptance of sin’s deadly invitation…

I believe sin ripped a hole into what was once God’s perfect creation.  Think about it – there are no voids or failures  in God or in His works, ever.  God didn’t create the sin principle in us, and God didn’t create that hole – sin did. Mankind’s agreement with satan ripped that gaping maw into our fiber when we threw God out as our one and only Source, Supply, and Answer – and our loving God has been trying to heal us of  evil deeds and refill that hole with Himself through reconciliation in Christ, ever since.

That’s what I believe.

All Good Things

So Christ has quenched my thirst this week, in spirit and in body, by bringing me back to good health and to my right mind in Him – devoid of feverish attacks and incoherence.  Everybody – especially writers – deeply appreciates clear thinking.  I know I do.

Infections bite!

So thank You, dear Abba, for filling the hole in me.  Thank You for water and sunshine and rain and cool night breezes and warm blankets in winter.  Thank You for filling every hole and every need and every desire of our hearts turned solemnly and righteously to You.  Thank You that You are always and only the Father of Good Things.