Rainy Saturday Sharing… I love it

It’s raining here in New Jersey right now; has been most of the morning.

Good afternoon!

Yesterday God gave me the mandate for the new website or, as He powerfully put it, “Site Edict and Mandate” for Glory Shield Ministries (Online).  That’s the “Website” I refer to in this diary’s title.

I do still more or less consider this writing space a diary… it’s comfortable to me to consider it that way.  Folks read or don’t read as they please, and I get to praise God in it anyway.  Let’s face it, people who belong to Him praise Him all the time… all the time in everything.  Kind of like Psalm 34 says –

“I will bless the Lord AT ALL TIMES.  His praise shall CONTINUALLY be in my mouth.”

If you love Him, truly love Him, you can’t help yourself, and you wouldn’t if you could because He’s in everything you do anyway, right?  Awesome.  That’s just an awesome, marvelous reality.

I know I figured I’d talk more about the blogs today, and I probably will at least concerning my feelings about writing “Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision” because it concerns such a big part of my life that wouldn’t necessarily be considered normal – at least not by the “world”.  But it’s been the norm for me to see things in the spirit realm… for real, for nearly the whole of my life.

(Zip to the blog from the menu and read a bit if you like.)

There’s been such overwhelming evidence swirling around me of the Lord’s existence for the majority of my life that I think I’d have to be nuts not to receive Him into my heart.  Still and all, there are those who’ve had waaay more proof than I, and yet have refused Him.  So it’s a matter of choice, isn’t it?

Beyond the Veil

Though I don’t write about him much at all, folks don’t like to read about the enemy… you know, the devil… but he’s out there, and he wants us dead. Period.

So, God in His mercy has created gazillions upon gazillions of ministering and warring angels for the encouragement, protection, and enlightening of His kids. Their ranks also enforce His ordinances in our lives.  They’re often mentioned in my encounters because the supernatural (or “spirit”) realm is more real than the natural realm in which our physical bodies live.  That’s what I carry with me every day in truth.  I think about that a lot.  That’s another reason I like this diary space… I can just talk about my amazement without teaching anything or “reaching” anyone.  God does the teaching and reaching while I express myself freely (truthfully, He does the teaching and reaching in all the blogs); although I am grateful you’re here reading.  By God’s Spirit, I know you’re here, and I appreciate His light in you.  That light shines on everyone who comes here, whether they’re saved or not.  We’re ALL His creation… we’re all cherished by Him.

How marvelous.

I am just a plain woman who loves God and has been chosen to proclaim the goodness of His heart to the masses… and I’m really glad to do it through Beyond the Veil.  The blog is straight-up visions.  Unadulterated, supernatural encounters He’s given me over the years and adds to just about every day.  You know, we can’t “out”-anything God.  What I mean is we can’t out-give Him, out-love Him, out-talk Him, out-share with Him, out-hug Him, or out-kiss Him. He’s always listening all the time and He never gets bored with our desire to seek Him and know Him and blubber all over Him in love and deep affection.  NEVER.  Imagine that?!

Believing is seeing

Beyond the Veil is all about that kind of stuff, but pretty much strictly adhering to the experiences in vision God has used with me all of my life to deliver me and focus me and teach me things.  Some of us can only learn that way, you know?  But the thing is, seeing is NOT believing but, rather, believing is seeing!  Yeah, that’s true. At least it has been with me – I’ll speak for myself.

I don’t even remember the first vision I’m told I had because I was only seven when it happened and the Lord revealed to me (only last year) that it was of the enemy himself.  Now who would want to remember that?  I think it was SO kind of the Lord to completely blot it out of my remembrance.  I can’t even pretend to recall it… I have absolutely NO recollection of it whatsoever.

However, two years afterward – at age nine – I got saved, and one year later – at age ten – I started having visions and supernatural encounters that I’ve remembered all of my life.  That’s what I mean by “believing is seeing” in my opinion.  Once I received Christ, the supernatural giftings God had already planted in me were being allowed and used by Him for the forwarding of His edicts and pronouncements over me!

You can’t help using words like that when you’re talking about the Father, because He spends all of His time concentrating on blessing us and declaring things like blessing and deliverance over our lives… and that’s how He talks.  So, really, I’m my Father’s daughter, y’all! :0)

Beyond the Veil makes me happy… mostly because I am able to share the ecstatic JOY and happiness I feel when I’ve had another encounter with God in vision… those experiences seal me even further into His love and I get to share them with those I just know have experienced so much of the same thing and can appreciate His candor in me.  I am by no means the only seer on this earth, and there are so many whose experiences have changed and taught me more about God’s Kingdom.  I just love it… for real, because none of us knows everything… we all need each other and the freeing testimonies God has given each of us, uniquely, strengthen the entire Body of Christ.  That’s a tremendous plan of God that’s working really well for everybody willing to participate.

I don’t know – I think perhaps when it’s raining, I just talk more…

Enjoy your day in Jesus.

:0)  Shamma


So… how’s it going?

(I cover all the words and testimony of this “anytime” blog with the Blood of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh, and I forbid the enemy or any of his minions or operatives any access to any of it at all, in Christ’s name. Amen.)

This is a beautiful site where I can talk freely about just how I feel having a new ministry of three blogs and a soon-to-be-online website for the Lord’s commissioning of my heart and hands.  I love the look of this site and God blessed me to design the header for it also.  I’d been telling my best friend and twin sister, Lynette, for months that I should just have a blog called 3 Blogs and a Website just so I could talk about the experience of having all of this from the Lord so quickly. It’s going well.

The Blogs

The first of three blogs, “Daddy’s Girl” is on its way to 2,000 views which it will probably reach before the end of March. The second blog, “Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision” is a weekly blog I started about one month after DG… it’s now on its way to 300 views with only seven posts thus far… marvelous results.  And the youngest of the blogs, actually on WordPress, “How Did I Get Into This Family?” reveals my testimony pretty much from soup to nuts.  It has gained tremendous momentum of late, with already over 100 views and only four posts. It’s also weekly.

The Website

Lord willing, soon the Glory Shield website goes live, too.  Wow.  WOW… three blogs and a website since November 2012 and the love lamp for writing is never going out, in Jesus’ Name I declare it! It’s pretty cool, you know, how although I’ve been writing all of my life, the absolute love and bathing in it has not hit me until this… until this mission from God.  This vision of His to spread His word and magnify His heart to the masses has hit my door like a well-timed mail delivery… and I am the grateful recipient.  Oh, man am I grateful!

I elaborate even more about the experience of being commissioned with these works in the menu page titled, “Why?” It expresses my heart and emotions up close and personal regarding why I’m here on what’s actually the fourth blog in a blessed collection – but it’s an “any time” effort, as I’ve said so, in a way, it’s just for me (though it’s open to anyone who’d like to get to know a bit more of me).  The Lord is merciful, as always, and is really catapulting the ministry work through the three major blogs and soon-to-be website around the world, y’all.

How’s it going?  Why, very well – thank you!



(God’s spiritual name for me, meaning: Obedient One)