Give God a Chance

Very few among us have ever really given God a chance.  By “a chance” I mean honestly giving Him a fair shot at not just generating a miracle in our lives… but at running our lives His way.

Folks like to think they know all there is to know about themselves and most of their situations. Thankfully, not me. Oh, I used to feel that way… at least mostly, but sinful life unraveled that folly pretty quickly.

Holy Spirit approached me very simply and honestly… “Just give God a chance,” He said.  “Just try Him and see what happens. Give Him an honest-to-goodness try and see whether or not He delivers you and comes through for you.”

So I did, and He did.  God always keeps His word – always.  He absolutely, positively never fails.  When people reject or forsake Him and wind up in Hell, they’ve failed… not God.  When we genuinely trust and obey the Lord through to the end, His Way and Plan always works to our salvation, benefit, and blessing. Always.

Heaven is filled with all those who just gave Him a chance.



The Blessing of Suddenlies

When life changes abruptly – you know, the “suddenlies” – a part of you says, YES! It’s finally here!!!  And another part of you wants to put on the brakes, even for things you’ve been praying for forever.  That’s us humans for you.

I’ve been annihilated by the “suddenlies” over the past 18 months, and I’m glad… from my heart I can say honestly that I am joyously overwhelmed by the about-face changes God has made in my life.  But there are also parts of me still recovering from emotional wind-burn and jet lag.

Jesus enables me to do all things through faith in Him; when I look around I feel entirely blessed.  God in me handles the blessing, because my coffers have been enlarged and so has my territory.  He is the complete Guardian against my flesh, pushing it backward and beckoning my spirit forward.

God is my shock absorber – He’s the only One Who can be – I cast my cares on Him.

The sun comes out again, and I say, “Thank You, Jesus, for the warm beams that change me and saturate me with nutrient life.”  Jesus is the “Son” that never sets, and He carries me through the suddenlies until my legs and feet are rested, and then I am just fine.  Then, in Him, I am contentedly braced for more suddenlies, and my being is evenly browned by the light of His Love.



Oh, Foolishness!

Wallowing endlessly in the filth and folly of fleshly life’s bitter offerings is what the unwise prefer, and they consider Godly people “fanatics”. Honoring the separation from this world that true holiness defines is considered “excessive” by the young and foolish.

I am dismayed by the selfish gluttony of souls choosing the limited “pleasures” of sin.  I admit there are parts of me that anticipate their downfall, though I’ve prayed that God prevent their ultimate demise.

How you can think it not “excessive” to roll around in negativity, anger, nastiness, rebellion, and crude perversions all day long is beyond me! But you don’t hesitate to criticize the righteous for simply loving the Lord and wanting to be around Him and His holiness always.  Does that make sense to you?

All the worse (for you) if it does. Why do you despise having a clear conscience? Why do you reject His unfailing love and LIVING way?

“… choose you this day who you will serve… But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  — Joshua 24:15

I’ve made my decision and you’ve made yours.  Bitter choices yield bitter results and, surely, you will reap what you sow.  Although I am sometimes angry at you (and hurt mostly), rest assured that prayers abound, because prayers are needed!