The Blessing of Suddenlies

When life changes abruptly – you know, the “suddenlies” – a part of you says, YES! It’s finally here!!!  And another part of you wants to put on the brakes, even for things you’ve been praying for forever.  That’s us humans for you.

I’ve been annihilated by the “suddenlies” over the past 18 months, and I’m glad… from my heart I can say honestly that I am joyously overwhelmed by the about-face changes God has made in my life.  But there are also parts of me still recovering from emotional wind-burn and jet lag.

Jesus enables me to do all things through faith in Him; when I look around I feel entirely blessed.  God in me handles the blessing, because my coffers have been enlarged and so has my territory.  He is the complete Guardian against my flesh, pushing it backward and beckoning my spirit forward.

God is my shock absorber – He’s the only One Who can be – I cast my cares on Him.

The sun comes out again, and I say, “Thank You, Jesus, for the warm beams that change me and saturate me with nutrient life.”  Jesus is the “Son” that never sets, and He carries me through the suddenlies until my legs and feet are rested, and then I am just fine.  Then, in Him, I am contentedly braced for more suddenlies, and my being is evenly browned by the light of His Love.




Fun Fount of Blessings

Where to begin? I feel good today; I feel good most every day.  But I also have questions every day; it’s something I can’t help… I don’t believe I’m meant to…

Anyway, it’s raining here and I feel like journaling.  The ministry God has given me has taken off in a new area… the area of “mentoring” (which is really pastoring) those seeking a deeper understanding of God pertaining to intimacy.  That’s a big umbrella, but a beautiful one… an umbrella I joyfully and gratefully stand under as one of God’s most soaked and saturated “students”!

“Follow me as I follow Christ…” (1 Cor. 1:11)

The Daddy’s Girl blog has gotten a lot more serious lately (not that it hasn’t always been serious for the most part) regarding various worldly attitudes the Lord wants me to decry.  Yucky speech, erroneous mindsets and the like have come front-and-center in the past few posts, and I’m glad about it.  There’s a good feeling about standing up for what you know pleases God, and pointing out to others (in love, of course) what does not.  It was lovingly pointed out to me and now it’s my turn to show humble, teaching qualities.

Teachers must be the most humble because they are charged with “instruction”… that whole topic is fodder for the flesh if God’s not in it.  High and mighty, lofty, conceited, puffed-up, brainiac, egomaniacal idiocy is wrapped up, tied up, and tangled up in “teaching” when the flesh is in charge.  YUCK! 😦

Anyway, there are more precious lives to mentor, both online and in person, and I am up for it in Jesus! Things also look different around the house, though I won’t go into it now.  I am grateful for the addition of angels and the augmenting of my assignments in Christ.  I am grateful for staying power and the stick-to-itiveness given to me by God.

Even the fairly new Theater of My Mind blog is changing lives.  I’m an encourager – I have the “gift” of encouragement and I use it readily when I am led to by God.  Only TRUTH encourages, and I adore the changed countenances of those Holy Spirit reaches and touches through me.  I know what it means to be encouraged in the most critical, personal, and crucial ways… ways that make the difference between letting go and holding on.  Ways that let God’s truth shine through to your soul and keep you comforted when everybody thinks that you’ve gone wrong…

Well, life’s not about what everybody thinks. Like I said, today I feel good; God has blessed, is continuing to bless, and I’m glad.


Stronger Features

I think the website needs to feature the blogs more than it does.  I mean, the Glory Shield website’s backbone is the amazing blog ministry the Lord has given me; Holy Spirit breathes every word of the blogs into print, and Abba God needs to be glorified with more focus on the website.

The challenge is that I started Daddy’s Girl before Glory Shield came into being. Daddy’s Girl was the blog through which God began it all… I almost want to name the ministry “Daddy’s Girl Ministries” – but I know that’s not what really should be done.  I’m walking through life under my true Father’s shield – the shield of my identity as His daughter shelters me with life as His blood flows through me.  I’m walking “in” the shadow of my Father’s shield.  I’m ministering beneath my Father’s shield, in safety and confidence.  I know who I am more than ever now, because I’m carrying my Abba’s shield… His shield of Glory – of true, passionate, and powerful intimacy with Him.  That’s His Glory.  HALLELUJAH!

Something needs to be done and I solicit prayers of the body of Christ as I seek the Lord for a rebuild of the website to more thoroughly feature the powerful work of Abba’s hands through the blog ministry.  That’s mainly what I’ve been called to, know what I mean?  The teachings are in the blogs, the encouragements are in the blogs, the laughter and tears and revelatory truths are primarily in the blogs.  I need God’s savvy to bring honor and focus even more so to His work in me.  I’m a daughter of Jesus Christ and I love blogging!  It’s one of the most powerful arms of writing and teaching ministry for which I’ve been called and equipped. 

Prayers are appreciated.