Give God a Chance

Very few among us have ever really given God a chance.  By “a chance” I mean honestly giving Him a fair shot at not just generating a miracle in our lives… but at running our lives His way.

Folks like to think they know all there is to know about themselves and most of their situations. Thankfully, not me. Oh, I used to feel that way… at least mostly, but sinful life unraveled that folly pretty quickly.

Holy Spirit approached me very simply and honestly… “Just give God a chance,” He said.  “Just try Him and see what happens. Give Him an honest-to-goodness try and see whether or not He delivers you and comes through for you.”

So I did, and He did.  God always keeps His word – always.  He absolutely, positively never fails.  When people reject or forsake Him and wind up in Hell, they’ve failed… not God.  When we genuinely trust and obey the Lord through to the end, His Way and Plan always works to our salvation, benefit, and blessing. Always.

Heaven is filled with all those who just gave Him a chance.



Renewal in Truth

I can’t help being thrilled by the truth that, as long as I abide in Christ Jesus, the future’s only growing brighter and brighter for me.  The world outside is trembling beneath the cold, cruel, arid, empty breath of sin… but inside me there burns a fire brightly radiating Christ’s love to the encouragement of my soul.

The mission of my heart and hands in You, Abba, is to yield to Your Holy Spirit that He might shine the light of Your fire within me to every precious heart comprising the multitudes of Your creation throughout the earth.  Just as benevolent souls shared the Gospel with me, I want to share it with others – that they, too, will know Your safety amidst a world of turmoil and death.


For with the approach of Spring comes the rebirth of Hope in the hopeless, JOY to the mourners, and renewed Blessing to all who’ve felt cursed.  The cooing of Christ’s doves of Peace will be heard once again in our land…

Song of Solomon 2 12


Starting over “older” is fine, right?

Starting over “older” is okay.  It really is.  It’s fine.

Ever say stuff like that to yourself but not believe a word of it?  So have I.  But the real truth is that, as I grow older, (and I’m not Methuselah by anyyy means!) I realize starting over really is okay.  We’re better equipped as we move along in life and in the wisdom of God.

I look back on a life lived largely for Jesus, but also one that once bent and swayed with the wind like a reed – and once bobbed and bowed like a rudderless shipDSCN0379 on sin’s choppy ocean.  Life’s held a lot for me, and it’s got a lot more in store.  The difference is I’m not approaching the future in sin or shame or bondage or with overwhelmingly heavy, rotting carcasses of the past clinging to my soul. That’s the Lord’s doing.

New beginnings, by God’s definition, are just that.  The old has gone – the new has come.

Yeah, the flesh is still here so I’ve determined to submit myself to Jesus in even stronger ways… but I’ve got Holy Spirit and years of living a Godly, submitted life to uphold me.  I always need upholding because the flesh always craps out.  The flesh is weak, just like Jesus said; it never helps out, it always complains and whines and criticizes.  The flesh stinks, and that’s all it ever will do.

HOWEVER…  (it’s high time for a “however” here, Sharon)

Christ Jesus has been putting my flesh in a sound-proof room for nearly 40 years now… straight-jacketed and helpless, unless I give into its chiding and grousing and selfish irritations.  Yuck! Sharon, stop that!

Let “Shamma” take over and have the upper hand… let the spirit-man named “Obedient One” follow the Lord to safer shores and even coasts and sweet-smelling seas in righteousness, peace, and JOY in Holy Ghost.  Let the old be gone so the new can fully come!  Start the new year with a SHOUT…!

Starting over “older” is free and easy as long as Christ is involved.  With Jesus the Christ – truly – it’s okay… it’s fine.