So, what’s going on?

Short stories continually capture my heart, as does the urge to write them. Still tinkering.

What may end up happening is the blog, “The Theater of My Mind” will become a forum for experimenting with the short stories in my heart and mind’s eye.

The summer’s in full swing, and one thing that never quits – other than the love of God – is my desire to write and write and teach and teach and write and teach some more.  God put it in me, so it’s staying there.

The website’s doing well – Glory Shield Ministries is growing and glowing; so are all the blogs.

The testimony blogs have pretty much run their course but haven’t completed God’s work. Many readers still access them, so I know why God won’t let me take them down.  I’m immaculately blessed!

The stuff I’m writing flourishes, and ideas are promised to come.  One thing, though…

I’ve started mentoring – mostly online – and it’s all-consuming when it’s going on.  The lives of individuals reaching out and trusting God and asking me for prayerful admonitions and words from the Lord.  Mentoring (it’s really Pastoring), keeps you on your knees, but also on your toes!

I take God’s heart seriously, and I don’t neglect time on my knees asking Him to adjust, cleanse, and purify my own heart… so that I can be of help to Him in helping those He’s assigned to my hands and heart.  In addition to still writing the blogs – and writing in general – it’s a fresh new challenge He says I’m worthy of and I am blessed to undertake.

That’s what going on with me, to date… and I solicit your prayers and bless His Holy Name!





Stronger Features

I think the website needs to feature the blogs more than it does.  I mean, the Glory Shield website’s backbone is the amazing blog ministry the Lord has given me; Holy Spirit breathes every word of the blogs into print, and Abba God needs to be glorified with more focus on the website.

The challenge is that I started Daddy’s Girl before Glory Shield came into being. Daddy’s Girl was the blog through which God began it all… I almost want to name the ministry “Daddy’s Girl Ministries” – but I know that’s not what really should be done.  I’m walking through life under my true Father’s shield – the shield of my identity as His daughter shelters me with life as His blood flows through me.  I’m walking “in” the shadow of my Father’s shield.  I’m ministering beneath my Father’s shield, in safety and confidence.  I know who I am more than ever now, because I’m carrying my Abba’s shield… His shield of Glory – of true, passionate, and powerful intimacy with Him.  That’s His Glory.  HALLELUJAH!

Something needs to be done and I solicit prayers of the body of Christ as I seek the Lord for a rebuild of the website to more thoroughly feature the powerful work of Abba’s hands through the blog ministry.  That’s mainly what I’ve been called to, know what I mean?  The teachings are in the blogs, the encouragements are in the blogs, the laughter and tears and revelatory truths are primarily in the blogs.  I need God’s savvy to bring honor and focus even more so to His work in me.  I’m a daughter of Jesus Christ and I love blogging!  It’s one of the most powerful arms of writing and teaching ministry for which I’ve been called and equipped. 

Prayers are appreciated.


Dwelling in Me

I’ve been away from the blogs for a while (out of necessity), and I’ve truly missed them.

The blessed part about that, though, is that I’ve been with the Lord.

Dear God, You are with me every day.  I am with You in my heart but, when I make the effort to “be” with You in more than that – to literally spend time with You, closing all doors to the world outside – I literally feel the poisons lifting off of me, running scared for cover, never to return in fullness to my emotions or countenance.  That’s because of You.

As a loving husband’s masculine aroma leaves its mark on his wife’s body after intimacy, You have marked my life, Lord, in all of my encounters with You.  My Divine Husband’s scent gently scores my life forever as His Bride.  Christ Jesus, I adore You.  Your hand upon me, full of feverish spiritual benefit, is better than life itself for it is hallmarked in Your favor.  You teach me to obey Abba, to love Him with all of my heart and soul and mind and strength; no one holds the comfort of that like You do.  No one possesses its ancestry or its enormous scope of possibility in transforming mercy and strength.  Indeed, Jesus, You know “how” to love on Abba like we do not unless we consult You, breathe in Your essence, and let ourselves humbly adore You.  Humility comes with such difficulty to humankind.

Thank You, Godhead, for dwelling in me.  Holy Spirit prepares me for my Husband and, like a husband awaits his bride, You, Lord, Jesus are full of heavenly expectancy… Your JOY reaches over and touches me; it splashes upon the shores of my waiting breast and arms with the fresh salt of testimony in Your goodness.  My lifelong embrace awaits You as Your Spirit comforts me.  I love You, Holy Spirit.  Thank You for enabling me to wait… to wait patiently on the Lord.

Abba, my Abba, sweet Abba – I LOVE YOU.

Your Shamma