Give God a Chance

Very few among us have ever really given God a chance.  By “a chance” I mean honestly giving Him a fair shot at not just generating a miracle in our lives… but at running our lives His way.

Folks like to think they know all there is to know about themselves and most of their situations. Thankfully, not me. Oh, I used to feel that way… at least mostly, but sinful life unraveled that folly pretty quickly.

Holy Spirit approached me very simply and honestly… “Just give God a chance,” He said.  “Just try Him and see what happens. Give Him an honest-to-goodness try and see whether or not He delivers you and comes through for you.”

So I did, and He did.  God always keeps His word – always.  He absolutely, positively never fails.  When people reject or forsake Him and wind up in Hell, they’ve failed… not God.  When we genuinely trust and obey the Lord through to the end, His Way and Plan always works to our salvation, benefit, and blessing. Always.

Heaven is filled with all those who just gave Him a chance.



Success, Strength, Encouragement

Last Wednesday night Lynette and I returned from our ministry/vacation trip out west.

The week out there was very successful. We brought strength to her aging parents who have lived faithful lives for Jesus and who have been very dear to me over the past 20 years.  We hung out with them for 6 – 8 hours each day and attended church with them on Sunday.  We prayed with them, had long talks, and encouraged them in the Lord as God directed… it was a wonderful visit.

Our flights were perfect going out; coming back, the planes were a little late, but everything worked out fine; it was good to fly above our Father’s world and see the activity of His angelic hosts going to and fro to accomplish His will.  He showed me the angels specifically protecting our aircrafts, and it made me tearful and grateful during each flight. God kept the house safe and sound in our absence, posting ministering spirits even before we left – He is faithful.

Those who encourage and lift up the saved and unsaved will, themselves, be lifted up and encouraged.  Without God, we are nothing. With God, we are and have everything.

Thank You, Jesus.


It’s My Time

It’s my time to stand up for Jesus… to stand up for God and not belly-ache.

I deleted a post I wrote yesterday because the simple truth is that NOW it’s my time to actually live what I have been preaching; to stand up for Jesus and love unconditionally, and really and wholly and truly.  It’s my time to TRUST GOD!

It’s my time to be strong and stand in the Lord and in the power of His might.  It’s my time to show that I am faithful to what He has promised in terms of my believing.  I am faithful to believe.  It’s my time to show that I am faithful to believe.

I love Jesus.

Persevering and freedom and encouraging myself in the Lord, I am going to press on by His power.  I am NOT ‘down in the dumps’, I am NOT discouraged.  I am going to press on, move on, and be FREE by His power over me – by His power manifested in my life.  I love the Lord.

I love Jesus.  I believe in Him.  I submit to the “Light” He has placed in me.  Now, it’s my time to shine.