So How Was Your Day?

Resurrection Sunday was a complete blessing and total surprise for my best friend Lynette and I.  We started out the day with praise and worship, playing “The Easter Song” by GLAD (I love that melody!) and absolutely thanking God with tears and JOY for His sacrifice and plan of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.  We’d made food and drink and were prepared to spend the day watching The Passion and getting intimately acquainted with our emotions in conjunction with God’s agenda for the day.

Wow… what God’s agenda turned out to be, neither of us could have planned!

As we watched the powerful depiction of Jesus’ last night and day upon earth, we shared our thoughts and continued thanking God for His staggering sacrifice on our behalf.  Then midway through the morning, around 9:30 I would say, Lynette’s daughter (and my God-daughter) Jessica texted us asking to speak with us in person about some things.  She was okay but just wanted to talk. Then her boyfriend John (whose family she was visiting for the holiday) also texted us with, basically, the same request.

Needless to say, with the prospect of our plans for the day changing radically, Lynette and I prayed about responding.  With God’s permission, we ended up bringing Jess AND John to our place for Sunday dinner and fellowship!  John (who is saved, btw) had questions about God on his heart, so we talked for quite a while about them.  Jess shared her heart with us as she desired – so did John.  We sang.  We spoke of family and friends and their own deepening relationship.  We prayed and ate a fabulous meal.  The day ended with Lynette and I bringing them back to the college dormitory with hugs and kisses and thanking God even further for a marvelous – albeit totally unexpected – day of celebration.

After Lynette departed, I finished watching The Passion and I talked and prayed and cried to God.  All good stuff.  All blessed.  It’s amazing how God orchestrates and plans His will for a day.  Lynette and I thought our day would be blessed only with our own company before God.  The Lord turned our two into four and blessed the whole thing.  We ALL got to thank God for His sacrifice.  We all got to talk and clear the air and receive the restoration of God’s peace.  We all laughed and sang and were deeply blessed.  Everyone got what they needed.  I pray you all also had a good and holy, blessed day of fellowship and praise to Almighty God.  Amen.

Our God is amazing.



A Little Less Private

I want to relate to some friends as ordinary friends, even though they are close to me.  Then there are the friends who are extremely close to me – one is human, the other is God.  I really am not super ultra close to anyone of flesh on earth other than my best friend and twin sister, Lynette. I’ve talked about her in the Daddy’s Girl blog and she is priceless to me.

There are others I consider very good friends and always have, but it rests there.  IPink Bud don’t want a laundry list of super ultra close friends… I’m not the type to have that – believe it or not, it’s because I’m waaay too private a person.

Blogging is actually the continuation of a move the Lord made back in 2009 when I self-published two books of visions that He’d actually given me in 2006.  Sharing them with the world (when I cherished them so as “private matters” between me and God) was an awfully big step in my maturity and obedience in Him.  Also, their time had come to be shared; they weren’t supposed to be shared any sooner than 2009 and I was definitely on board with that!

How Did I Get Into This Family?

The things the Lord has asked me to share in the one blog I have not talked about at length yet are EXTREMELY personal occurrences in the testimony of my life.  But the time has come, and I now recognize it as truth where, for the sake of the growth and edification of the Body of Christ, I need to share these things just as God brought about the times and seasons for things to be shared with me by those He marked to nourish, counsel, and educate me in the things of His Spirit.

For this generation – it’s my time.  I had that prophesied over me as well, and I believe it.  Holy Spirit is doing mighty things through each of these blogs (and I cover that truth and testimony with the Blood of the Lord Jesus, and forbid the enemy or his flunkies any access to it whatsoever, in Jesus’ Name).  How Did I Get Into This Family? is the blog of my testimony growing up as a child gifted with discerning of spirits.  I pretty much tell people that my childhood was a basic side-by-side comparison of the righteous and the wicked mentioned in Psalm 1

“Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful.  But his delight is in the law of God, and in his law he meditates day and night.  And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water which brings forth its fruit in its season.  His leaf also shall not wither, and whatsoever he does shall prosper.  The ungodly are not so, but are like the chaff which the wind drives away; therefore, the ungodly shall not stand in the day of judgement, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.  For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish.”

Yep, that’s about it in a nutshell.  That’s how I grew up with people in my house – those on the Lord’s side, and those not.  Under Holy Spirit’s auspices, the blog’s unfolding the details of all that and my emotional bondages because of it, from which the Lord has been steadily freeing me.  Praise God.  God is the Master over it all, folks – the Master of FREEDOM from bondages big and small, the Master of MERCY, GOODNESS, KINDNESS, and UNDERSTANDING.  The Master HEALER and FORGIVER.  He’s enabling me to forgive AND He’s forgiving me, because no coin in existence has only one side… there are ALWAYS TWO SIDES to every “coin” and situation of life.  Always.  I forgive, but I must also allow God to show me where I must be forgiven for misunderstanding and maligning Him and His goodness over the years.  I am so grateful He understands me FAR (more like lite-years) better than I understand myself.

Fruitful Question

The blog’s title comes from the very question I used to ask myself as I was trying to figure out (first mistake right there) why God would designate me a seer in His realm and then allow me to grow up in a household with… um, such interesting family members.  The blog itself is accessible through the menu up top for your reading pleasure but, be advised, it’s not a “walk in the park” accounting.  At times it’s pretty real and I’ve only just begun to explain things.

Anyway, I’m thPurple Cross and Shield for GSMankful that God has chosen this blog and its testimony for the benefit of those also who see in the spirit realm and who have received God’s faithful designations over their lives and want to ensure they are not crazy, only gifted.  That’s a manna-sized mission for me, and I enjoy it personally every week.

I also still really enjoy sharing my thoughts here with the hearts and minds of people kind enough to stop by and also with plain old cyberspace.  There’s something comforting for me about just sending my words out into space; there they reverberate and travel into eternity forever – did you know that?  I didn’t, until a few years ago!

The secret to God-defined success in blogging is asking for the wisdom of the Lord before each post.  When you sit down to share a work that could change someone’s life, my friends, FIRST pray to the Lord for His wisdom to share only those things HE WANTS SHARED.  Pray for His Spirit of self-control that you will not share anything He doesn’t want shared.  God had my Pastor tell me this – and she was right on in her hearing of Him in these areas, as usual.  I am very grateful, and that humility mixed with my obedience is really taking the blogs to newer and higher heights of ministry each day. Amen.

God bless whoever is reading… Have a really nice day!

:0)  Shamma

So… how’s it going?

(I cover all the words and testimony of this “anytime” blog with the Blood of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh, and I forbid the enemy or any of his minions or operatives any access to any of it at all, in Christ’s name. Amen.)

This is a beautiful site where I can talk freely about just how I feel having a new ministry of three blogs and a soon-to-be-online website for the Lord’s commissioning of my heart and hands.  I love the look of this site and God blessed me to design the header for it also.  I’d been telling my best friend and twin sister, Lynette, for months that I should just have a blog called 3 Blogs and a Website just so I could talk about the experience of having all of this from the Lord so quickly. It’s going well.

The Blogs

The first of three blogs, “Daddy’s Girl” is on its way to 2,000 views which it will probably reach before the end of March. The second blog, “Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision” is a weekly blog I started about one month after DG… it’s now on its way to 300 views with only seven posts thus far… marvelous results.  And the youngest of the blogs, actually on WordPress, “How Did I Get Into This Family?” reveals my testimony pretty much from soup to nuts.  It has gained tremendous momentum of late, with already over 100 views and only four posts. It’s also weekly.

The Website

Lord willing, soon the Glory Shield website goes live, too.  Wow.  WOW… three blogs and a website since November 2012 and the love lamp for writing is never going out, in Jesus’ Name I declare it! It’s pretty cool, you know, how although I’ve been writing all of my life, the absolute love and bathing in it has not hit me until this… until this mission from God.  This vision of His to spread His word and magnify His heart to the masses has hit my door like a well-timed mail delivery… and I am the grateful recipient.  Oh, man am I grateful!

I elaborate even more about the experience of being commissioned with these works in the menu page titled, “Why?” It expresses my heart and emotions up close and personal regarding why I’m here on what’s actually the fourth blog in a blessed collection – but it’s an “any time” effort, as I’ve said so, in a way, it’s just for me (though it’s open to anyone who’d like to get to know a bit more of me).  The Lord is merciful, as always, and is really catapulting the ministry work through the three major blogs and soon-to-be website around the world, y’all.

How’s it going?  Why, very well – thank you!



(God’s spiritual name for me, meaning: Obedient One)