No Matter the Seasons

I’m grateful for different seasons in my life and I admit there was once a part of me that thought certain matters in my life would never change.  I thought God wouldn’t allow it, but I was wrong.  People do come and go in relationships in life and some stay longer than others but, eventually, everything gets redefined because that is the nature of growth.  Thank You, Jesus.

My mind cranks on through fever and bleary-eyed congestion.  When they’re not pinned to tissues pinned to my runny nose, my fingers still type as my mind grinds… it never stops (and, secretly, I don’t want it to).

I’m free of entanglements left behind while others are cautiously exposed.  God is always a careful healer.  Brick by brick and chip by chip He delicately exposes me.  I cry to Him, I come to Him in prayer and quietly crouch before Him in worship while He strokes my fevered, teary brow.  God is amazing, and He’s not afraid of colds.

This new season came as a “suddenly”, and I couldn’t be more glad but, admittedly, I’m still in a bit of shock.  So different, my God… so different being out here in the world with only You as my shelter. But then Holy Spirit sweetly whispers…  “He’s always been your only shelter, beloved.”  Ain’t it the truth! 

Merciful God I don’t want to feel guilty about being free.  I just want to be it.

I don’t want to forever long to see Your bright face.  I just want to see it.

Here I am, just You and me and freedom – all Your life has to offer.

I don’t care about anything else – I just want to be Your daughter.

It all comes down to that for me no matter where the Lord takes me in the course of His call on my life.  The pastor calling, that of the teacher, preacher, and writer are all of value and worth and purpose and meaning – absolutely.  But, to me, I’ll tell you nothing means more to me than being my (true) Father’s daughter.  Finally and completely, my Heavenly Father’s daughter.  That’s my truest, bravest, best cause for living… I can’t declare it enough… and I embrace Christ Jesus to take in the Godhead in full, clutching Them all to my breast.

“For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead, bodily.”  Just listen to that.  As its truth sinks into my soul, I don’t mind the seasons changing, relationships redefined, or even “suddenlies” gripping me.  I am Jesus’ bride and He is my Bridegroom.  The door of His sacred body is closed behind us and, within the veil, are the Godhead lovingly seated before the supper of my life’s plan and circumstances… and all is well.  Their love to me is wonderful… passing the love of all mankind.  I am content and satisfied.  Amen.



The Folly of “Self”

Merciful Father, I love You.

You love me through all of my fears.  I hate  to admit that I have them, but I do.  However, I turn them all over to You, in Jesus’ Name, for only You can handle them… only You can cast them away when my heart gives You permission to enter my secret place.  Thank You for asking, Father – thank You for always asking… knocking…

… and waiting for me.

Holy Father, I adore You.

Without You, none of my life has answers.  You are my Answer, eternally; You are my Hiding Place, indeed, where I can cower and shake and tremble until You have restored me… strengthened me with Your love.  What would I do without You?  WHAT an absurdity!  WHAT an absolute impossibility, O, God!  How do people make it without You?  They don’t.

It’s as simple as that.

Save me from the folly of myself, O, Lord – that I will always turn to Your circumstance above my own… for my own holds darkness and death.  My own holds a carcass of criminal edicts and their deafening pronouncements over my life.

In YOUR HEART IS JOY, and Joy alone… LIFE will meet me there, too.

O, Righteous Father, I worship You.  I yield to Your power and way in me, and beg my fruit be of You – eternally.

Savior, I commend to Thee,

Let Thy work be done in me!

I heed Your commandment still,

Not my desire, but YOUR will.

Savior, I commend to Thee,

Let Thy work be done in me.

Amen, Father.


Your Shamma

A Few Words on “Faith”

Because of all the father issues I’ve had in my life, pleasing God is the most important goal of my spirit and emotions.  Drawing near to God in every ‘real’ way is the only thing that satisfies and fulfills my longing to be claimed, possessed, and owned.  He’s the only One Who can do that for us.

For me, everything starts with faith.  Holy Spirit puts it out there, and I choose to grab hold of it by His power.

“But without faith, it is impossible to please Him…” Hebrews 11:6a

When I read those words while still young in my salvation, to me, the mission was clear.  God’s favor is more precious than life;  I believe that.  His favor rests on those who please Him, and He is pleased by those who exercise FAITH.

When I obey God by faith, He shows Himself strong on my behalf, which builds my trust.  The more I trust Him, the more I obey Him.  The more I obey Him, the more He sees that I truly love Him – so He strengthens my faith – and we go to a higher level where, the stronger my faith, the more I will please Him.  I love that powerful and abiding cycle.

Faith is a choice with an enormous payoff.  Romans 4:3 says –

“Abraham believed God, and it was imputed to him for righteousness.”

I’ve always loved that about God within him, especially the part where scripture says –

“He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God and being fully persuaded that what He had promised, He was able also to perform.”  (Rom. 4:20-21)

Hallelujah! By choosing to have faith in God we’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  So I heed Holy Spirit’s tender advice when He says:  Just believe God anyway – regardless of your circumstances and whether or not things turn out your way, as Christ said – “Have faith in God.” (Mark 11:22)  Amen.

I have made the choice to have faith because, above all things in life, I want to please God.

His FAITH is welcomed in my house.

=0]  Shamma