So How Was Your Day?

Resurrection Sunday was a complete blessing and total surprise for my best friend Lynette and I.  We started out the day with praise and worship, playing “The Easter Song” by GLAD (I love that melody!) and absolutely thanking God with tears and JOY for His sacrifice and plan of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.  We’d made food and drink and were prepared to spend the day watching The Passion and getting intimately acquainted with our emotions in conjunction with God’s agenda for the day.

Wow… what God’s agenda turned out to be, neither of us could have planned!

As we watched the powerful depiction of Jesus’ last night and day upon earth, we shared our thoughts and continued thanking God for His staggering sacrifice on our behalf.  Then midway through the morning, around 9:30 I would say, Lynette’s daughter (and my God-daughter) Jessica texted us asking to speak with us in person about some things.  She was okay but just wanted to talk. Then her boyfriend John (whose family she was visiting for the holiday) also texted us with, basically, the same request.

Needless to say, with the prospect of our plans for the day changing radically, Lynette and I prayed about responding.  With God’s permission, we ended up bringing Jess AND John to our place for Sunday dinner and fellowship!  John (who is saved, btw) had questions about God on his heart, so we talked for quite a while about them.  Jess shared her heart with us as she desired – so did John.  We sang.  We spoke of family and friends and their own deepening relationship.  We prayed and ate a fabulous meal.  The day ended with Lynette and I bringing them back to the college dormitory with hugs and kisses and thanking God even further for a marvelous – albeit totally unexpected – day of celebration.

After Lynette departed, I finished watching The Passion and I talked and prayed and cried to God.  All good stuff.  All blessed.  It’s amazing how God orchestrates and plans His will for a day.  Lynette and I thought our day would be blessed only with our own company before God.  The Lord turned our two into four and blessed the whole thing.  We ALL got to thank God for His sacrifice.  We all got to talk and clear the air and receive the restoration of God’s peace.  We all laughed and sang and were deeply blessed.  Everyone got what they needed.  I pray you all also had a good and holy, blessed day of fellowship and praise to Almighty God.  Amen.

Our God is amazing.



My heart and soul’s emoting has decorated this blog, sometimes as brightly as a Christmas tree… other times, with desperate cries for help and grace and mercy.  Yet, through it all, my Abba has listened to me – and so have all of you – with an eye to aid me as Christ’s strong arms of supplication and intercession reach high and wide to the Father for answers that swiftly cover me in greater knowledge, and in His Blood.


For the faithfulness of all those sharing and reading this blog as I write it from my soul and from my strength in need and in blessing, in abounding and in tears… I also thank you.

What a saving grace it is to have a Savior such as ours!  And what sweet communion and fellowship exists between Holy Spirit and His greatest love – the awesome Body of Christ!

For being my Protector, Defender, Teacher, Husband, God, Creator, King, and Everlasting Friend… my Dear Father, Sweet Jesus, and Blessed Holy Spirit – I THANK YOU!  Merry Christmas to you all, friends; and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, LORD JESUS!


Your SHAMMA  =0)

I Feel Good

How do I feel right now?  Ever ask yourself that and then try to nail it exactly?  Sometimes I feel…  and then other times I feel… but, how do I feel right now?

I’ve got a bit of a cold but I feel good anyway.  My mind is full of thoughts as it usually is, and my heart wants me to go on and to look ahead and not behind.  That’s how I feel right now.

How do you separate the Lord from daily living?  The answer is, you don’t.  Oh, my goodness, no.  I feel right now the gravity of that emphatic statement, and I’m so glad God is in my life.  How many people are absolutely glad, even when exposure gets on your nerves?  Not God getting on your nerves, my friends – “exposure” getting on your nerves.  That really means I get irritated with me, not Him… He’s just trying to heal me.

God bless Jesus… you know what I mean?

Right now, I believe through Christ I can move mountains because of the mountains His glory (intimacy with Him) has moved and removed in me.  Getting me to stop looking at women like I look at men was a BIG mountain.  Getting me to believe men are human beings, too, and not a separate (lower) species was a BIG mountain.  Sealing in my “knower” that I am actually beautiful – to the extent that I believe it’s inside of me and outside of me when I look in the mirror… was an infinitely BIG mountain to move in me (and God is still moving it, truth be told).  So, through Christ, I believe I can do anything because the Lord Jesus Christ has accomplished the “impossible” within me.

Right now, I feel encouraged and I believe God.  Right now. . .

I feel good.