Another Painting… and a Shock

The latest painting God has given me is called, “Prayer Trees”, and I have felt emotionally attached to this one. That’s a good thing. It’s me and the Godhead in the secret place of communion we share. Its actual colors are purple and green – but my camera skills aren’t the best – the settings should have been adjusted correctly before I took this. Sorry…

Prayer Trees
“Prayer Trees” © 2016, S. Palmer. All Rights Reserved.

I’m still learning and growing in use of the acrylics medium; I’ve historically used oils, which I also enjoy. Acrylics, however, dry so quickly the gratification of seeing the results of what I paint comes quickly… who doesn’t like that?  Please pray for me as I continue on this extremely enjoyable road by God’s power, grace, generosity, and mercy.

A Sad Shock

Recently I read a message online that actually said interracial and intergenerational marriages are sinful! Needless to say, I was entirely shocked and saddened by it… especially because I am married to a white man 28 years my senior.

I completely disagree with that message; I’ve remanded its author to God’s custody, that the light of God’s truth will permeate their heart and mind. Racial prejudice and age prejudice… prejudice of any kind… that’s sin.

Unless God commands otherwise*, we are not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers – God makes no such command regarding saved males and females of different races or generations coming together in marriage. We’re one in Christ Jesus, and there are myriad instances in scripture where patriarchs married outside their race and were generations older than their spouses. Moses and Abraham both remarried outside their race; also, it’s more than likely Gideon had those 70 children with different, younger, wives over his lifetime… and so what? Like everything, the marriage bond is subject to the will of the Father; otherwise, why did God command Hosea to marry Gomer – an actively sinning prostitute? She wasn’t following Yahweh (to say the least), yet in God’s desire to reflect Israel’s whoredom toward Him, *He commanded their union.

We’re not the Judge, GOD is…

Also, recommending that couples who’ve entered into these so-called “sinful” marriages stay married for the sake of not being divorced is duplicitous confusion. If it were true that interracial/intergenerational marriage is sin, God would never sanction such unions continuing; He would command their termination so that “sin” would be abandoned.  You can’t have it both ways.

Prejudice is a sin of the heart and emotions that can only be handled through repentance. That’s my prayer in this matter; that all who embrace the belief that God will not accept married believers of “every kindred, every tongue, and every nation” into His Household through faith in Jesus Christ will be pierced by the light of God’s convicting truth and repent.

In the interim, my husband and I are fulfilling God’s plan for our lives with JOY. Amen.



Coming Alive Again

I’ve resumed painting – this time with acrylics – and I really like it.

My husband has taken a greater interest in cooking lately – and he seems to like it also. That’s a good thing for both of us.  Serving God is our main focus, and He allows us to indulge in hobbies to His glory that also bring us JOY.

I’m experimenting with clouds… painting them, I mean.

Jack is experimenting with broiling… his first attempt was delicious! Just browning the mashed potatoes set atop two blocks of meatloaf… kind of Shepherd’s Pie style… and we truly enjoyed it.

The Lord helped me with every single thing I did painting with those brushes; feeling them in my hands (I’m ambidextrous) and getting the shading and highlighting right.  God is SO generous. Here’s how they turned out:

“Light Among the Treetops” Copyright 2016 SJ Palmer

The treetops aren’t always noticed by many – including me. When big, fluffy clouds pass over them headed toward the light from now on I will try to look up at the “Light Among the Treetops” © 2016.

I’d never painted a cloud prior to this and, truthfully, the top set are my very favorite; the bottom need adjusting albeit, with clouds, any shape has realism.

The way acrylics dry so quickly takes some getting used to, but I’ve found I truly enjoy the way their setting so quickly keeps me on point as I paint. I started as an oils girl.

A New Land

So now my husband is drawing closer and closer to the kitchen, and I think he really likes it. He’s the kind of person who needs to keep busy or else he feels unproductive, unworthy, and without value. While I’ve committed that gross misconception to God’s power, I am happy to see him gravitate toward an enjoyable pastime. Nothing wrong with having hobbies, only something wrong when the hobbies “have” you. God willing, I will live and continue praying for his sense of self-worth.  Concurrently, I’ll enjoy the little masterpieces that make him feel useful. Here’s how those mini Shepherd’s Pies turned out:

Jack’s mini Shepherd’s Pies

YUM! 🙂 God will use whatever means available to breathe life back into a waning situation.  Acrylics painting for me and cooking for Jack is a healthy step in the right direction. When life is present and flourishing, death can be driven away quickly, evenly, and with trust. God is our constant Help; He is our Breath of Life, our Friend, and our Trust everlasting.  Amen.


The Struggle: Writing a Book

As much as I absolutely love writing, you’d think I’d sail through writing this book.  I’ve written two  Vision books already, but this is my testimony in book form… I think that’s the problem.

Even though Jesus has delivered me from the trauma associated with my early years, the empathic emotions associated with it remain. That’s how God works, allowing those of us who’ve moved on to retain the compassion necessary to minister to those walking where we’ve been.

Seeing demons and being adversely impacted by it – I’ve been there. Learning by degrees my authority in Christ and my identity in Him – been there, too.

Being molested as a child – been there.  Learning to forgive that molester – recently been there, too.

Indulging in homosexual practices for years as a result of that molestation’s influence on my own choices – been there.  Repenting for my part in choosing to embrace that lifestyle – been there, too.

Coming back to a faithful walk in Christ and losing my mother at age 27 – been there.

Enjoying victory and authority and discernment in Jesus Christ because of a million mega-deliverances, including a Freedom Encounter – I’m still there.

So what’s the problem writing this book?  I suppose the same difficulty it would present anyone upon revisiting a treacherously dark place.  You know, Jesus doesn’t have any attachments to the enemy and vice-versa, but it greatly saddens and disturbs Him to walk through the caverns of Hell.  It’s just a place where nothing Godly belongs.

As long as I allow God’s truth and identity to move through me, I can bear the emotional effects and give testimony in joy, but that’s not always easy for me… so I avoid the writing.  I stay in the happy neighborhood God’s moved me to without booking flights down to the “hell” that used to be.

Sounds like I need (yet) another deliverance, doesn’t it? Well, if so, ain’t no big, because I know it works. Been there.

So, Shamma, p l e a s e … write the book!