Like a Child

photo credit: USACE Europe District via photopin cc
photo credit: USACE Europe District via photopin cc

There’s old-fashioned, new-building construction going on in a lot across from me, and I’m amazed at how fascinated I’ve been by watching all the skilled workers in cranes and big trucks and backhoes and bull dozers. I feel like a child… a little child, and I’m loving it!

Here’s to little kids and the cool stuff in this ever-changing world with which they’re not ashamed or embarrassed to be fascinated.  Here’s to mud pies and Tonka™ trucks and loose gravel and dirty jeans.  Here’s to fun in the fashion God intended and to feeling – at least sometimes – like a child.




It Definitely Ain’t Broke, thank God

It’s actually something like seven or eight blogs and a website these days… but I can’t find it in my heart to change the name of this blog because it’s meant so much to me.  In many ways it’s my literary hiding place.

Um, Sharon… the blog is public, right? So how can it be a “hiding place”?

Those who know what it is to take solace in expressing thoughts in any way you please understand why I’ve deemed it such.  The place where my emotions about my emotions can be expressed is defined by me as a hiding place… the greatest of which is GOD Himself.

I love this blog, and I adore discussing the “secret things” of the other blogs within this forum.

For instance, Glory Shield Ministries website looks better than ever to me because it is so simple.  I had complicated things too much before; early on I was learning and it showed.  Not that I’m not still learning and ever learning (gratefully), but I’ve only lately become of the opinion that simpler is better and it really works for me.  Thank You, Jesus.

I hesitated a little at first to undertake the “Theater of My Mind” blog because it is so frank and often unyielding a forum for my forgotten thoughts not so forgotten.  I can address what’s on my heart as though it is not me; I can remember, release, and forgive – all in writing.  I can express my innermost soul of mental definitions in hatred and fear and humor and pain… and then turn it all over to God.

You’re an odd bird, Sharon.  Thank God for “Shamma”.  Thank God for His love of us both… and thank God for this diary blog.

Seven or Eight Blogs and a Website…?  Nah, I think it sounds best with the name remaining the same.



My heart and soul’s emoting has decorated this blog, sometimes as brightly as a Christmas tree… other times, with desperate cries for help and grace and mercy.  Yet, through it all, my Abba has listened to me – and so have all of you – with an eye to aid me as Christ’s strong arms of supplication and intercession reach high and wide to the Father for answers that swiftly cover me in greater knowledge, and in His Blood.


For the faithfulness of all those sharing and reading this blog as I write it from my soul and from my strength in need and in blessing, in abounding and in tears… I also thank you.

What a saving grace it is to have a Savior such as ours!  And what sweet communion and fellowship exists between Holy Spirit and His greatest love – the awesome Body of Christ!

For being my Protector, Defender, Teacher, Husband, God, Creator, King, and Everlasting Friend… my Dear Father, Sweet Jesus, and Blessed Holy Spirit – I THANK YOU!  Merry Christmas to you all, friends; and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, LORD JESUS!


Your SHAMMA  =0)