Give God a Chance

Very few among us have ever really given God a chance.  By “a chance” I mean honestly giving Him a fair shot at not just generating a miracle in our lives… but at running our lives His way.

Folks like to think they know all there is to know about themselves and most of their situations. Thankfully, not me. Oh, I used to feel that way… at least mostly, but sinful life unraveled that folly pretty quickly.

Holy Spirit approached me very simply and honestly… “Just give God a chance,” He said.  “Just try Him and see what happens. Give Him an honest-to-goodness try and see whether or not He delivers you and comes through for you.”

So I did, and He did.  God always keeps His word – always.  He absolutely, positively never fails.  When people reject or forsake Him and wind up in Hell, they’ve failed… not God.  When we genuinely trust and obey the Lord through to the end, His Way and Plan always works to our salvation, benefit, and blessing. Always.

Heaven is filled with all those who just gave Him a chance.



It Definitely Ain’t Broke, thank God

It’s actually something like seven or eight blogs and a website these days… but I can’t find it in my heart to change the name of this blog because it’s meant so much to me.  In many ways it’s my literary hiding place.

Um, Sharon… the blog is public, right? So how can it be a “hiding place”?

Those who know what it is to take solace in expressing thoughts in any way you please understand why I’ve deemed it such.  The place where my emotions about my emotions can be expressed is defined by me as a hiding place… the greatest of which is GOD Himself.

I love this blog, and I adore discussing the “secret things” of the other blogs within this forum.

For instance, Glory Shield Ministries website looks better than ever to me because it is so simple.  I had complicated things too much before; early on I was learning and it showed.  Not that I’m not still learning and ever learning (gratefully), but I’ve only lately become of the opinion that simpler is better and it really works for me.  Thank You, Jesus.

I hesitated a little at first to undertake the “Theater of My Mind” blog because it is so frank and often unyielding a forum for my forgotten thoughts not so forgotten.  I can address what’s on my heart as though it is not me; I can remember, release, and forgive – all in writing.  I can express my innermost soul of mental definitions in hatred and fear and humor and pain… and then turn it all over to God.

You’re an odd bird, Sharon.  Thank God for “Shamma”.  Thank God for His love of us both… and thank God for this diary blog.

Seven or Eight Blogs and a Website…?  Nah, I think it sounds best with the name remaining the same.



Thoughts “in Flight”

All of us entertain brief scenarios of thought and conversational exercise in our minds, don’t we?  I’ve been thinking about that lately.  When God clears our heads, there’s even more room for such things – but in an environment of peace.  That’s what He’s done for me.  Through (what seems like) a million deliverances over the past decade and a half, Christ has cleared my mind of worrisome forecasts in fear and foreboding the enemy had concocted for me.  I’m in a better place than I’ve ever been in terms of clear thinking and awareness of what God has for me.  No longer deluded or confused or frightened. (I cover that testimony in Jesus’ Blood.)

Have I “arrived”?  Mercy, no!

But have I been redeemed, blood-washed, and secured in Jesus?  ABSOLUTELY and all to His stunning Glory.  Amen!

So, in the theater of my mind I view circumstances past, present, and future through new and more compassionate vision.  That’s been a problem for me in the past – having compassion.  I’ve always been so wounded or angry or prideful in my views and opinions, my heart has barely had a chance to truly beat.  All stone, no flesh.

But Christ has changed all that.  Through His goodness shed upon me, I feel the warmth of merciful blood flowing through my veins, and His compassion has a new and permanent name within my being:  “Forgiveness”.

I admit it’s also been a great motivator to know and receive this scripture passage,

“For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” (Matt. 6:14-15)

Above everything else of maintenance and necessity in my life, I need God’s forgiveness.  I can’t live without it.  No one can.  So, gut-level honesty says first things first, Sharon – you need to forgive. The Righteousness of God is in this practice, as well as God’s seal of forgiveness upon your own humanity.  There you go.

As I review brief strands of thought in soliloquy and scenario, I write them down and share them with God.  Yes, He already knows them, but He likes to talk with me about them as He does with everything… and our discoveries teach me about myself.  You can just “think” to Holy Spirit and He converses with you because He’s living in you – it makes things much easier in quiet situations.  :0)

The Theater of My Mind is a new (daily) blog I’ve just begun on Word Press because of what it does for me in terms of healing and knowing just where I am in thought, opinion, imagination, and desire.  As always in everything, Abba uses it to expose and deliver me and to reach out to others with similar quandaries, passions, struggles, and JOYs. Unity of the human experience in Christ Jesus is a bond and tonic to us all… I think, especially to me.

Thank You, Lord.