Resting Mondays

It’s difficult not to think “creatively” when you blog and write in general as much as I.

On Mondays I like to rest… I mean, really.  Normally, I wouldn’t even write a diary entry, but talking about this has been on and off my mind all day.  I’ve been growing slowly accustomed to resting my brain, my memory, my heart, mind, will, and emotions each Monday; sounds weird, doesn’t it?

It is, a little.

I literally can feel my body appreciating not having to think creatively or otherwise at least one day a week.  When I contemplate God or dance around my house periodically on Mondays, my mind genuinely benefits from it.  Doing no-brainer stuff is good, but focusing intently on God is better; He’s the only true escape, after all. He’s the only “re-energizer”.  Thoughts of Him renew.

The human body needs some down time, and being with God makes down time up time; being with God is good.

Today I looked outside at the lush area He’s given me, full of trees and grass and farmland vistas… and it made me glad.  I looked at another area and was reminded of the dream He gave me of this place nearly five long years ago; the dream’s been realized, and I couldn’t be more content.

My mind takes its paces and queues from God; the ministry flourishes and I am at peace and calm again… one more big transition overcome.

Resting in thanksgiving is the best way to put your mind at rest.  Just don’t stare at the computer screen all day and your eyes will rest.  Mondays give me that, and I’m glad.

Basically, I don’t think “creatively” on Mondays and, for now, the building blocks of Tuesday rock steadily and easily by.



New Hope

peace wallpaperThe Lord’s Hope has been renewed in my life, such that I don’t doubt His abilities to restore me in His marriage plan.  That’s something BIG, believe me; discouragement had a near victory in that area… but no more.  Amen.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” scripture says in Proverbs 13:12a… so God circumvented all that which tried making my heart sick.  When I truly, truly, truly, repented of the ugly soil that originally birthed corruption in me waaaay back so long ago… He heard my cry and has forgiven me in the deepest dark places of my beginnings with sin.  When that happened, my HOPE was restored and I believed more strongly than ever that God could, can, and will make a way for me – even when there seems to be no way. (I cover this testimony with the Precious Blood of Jesus.)

AMEN.  This Year of Jubilee is paying off! 🙂

And that’s my prayer for all of you… anyone, whoever is reading; that HOPE be restored or (in the best case) never be deferred or lost within you.  It’s so good when it’s at work within your soul because you believe what is TRUE FOREVER… that our God can do anything, and that there is NOTHING TOO HARD FOR HIM!

Amen again, and God bless you!


My Prayer

I ask You, Father, to continue keeping me in the palm of Your hand.  I pray Your restoration over myself, and I ask for Your continued unconditional love and perseverance to always shine through to the masses inspired to follow You through reading the offerings of my heart to You in every form.

I ask for Your supernatural ability to persevere through the end and obey You in every circumstance.  Relationships are not easy, especially when severe blame-shifting is involved, but I want my heart to be clean before You.  I want to see the beam in my eye at all times; I want us to start there and then proceed with all of Your will in my life.

Father, please continue to consume me and make me aware that it is only what YOU think and say that matters.  You have called me, You have ordained me, You have honored me as a new pastor, and You have thrust me out into ministry.  I am pleasing in Your sight and all else I lift to You in praise so that You and I can “get on” with the business of fulfilling Your will and edicts on my behalf.

Yaaay!  Father, I love You.  I desire to please You and You only, and I know I do.  I lay myself before You and ask You to continually examine my heart, for I am Yours.

This word is good and clean and acceptable in Your sight.

I repent of every place of wrongdoing and every “ugly” area in which I have been exposed.  I pray Your spotlight continues to expose the dross in me.  I remand all others to Your custody for exposure, repentance, and cleansing, for You are their only Judge.  Father, I bless You and praise You in the mighty Name of Jesus the Christ Who came in the flesh, and I cast all my cares upon You, for I know that You care for me.  You are my Divine Caretaker, Father… and I’m so glad You are.  I’m so glad!

In Christ’s Name I submit myself to Your flashlight, always, and I journey on Your path to continual freedom and new beginnings.  Amen.