It Definitely Ain’t Broke, thank God

It’s actually something like seven or eight blogs and a website these days… but I can’t find it in my heart to change the name of this blog because it’s meant so much to me.  In many ways it’s my literary hiding place.

Um, Sharon… the blog is public, right? So how can it be a “hiding place”?

Those who know what it is to take solace in expressing thoughts in any way you please understand why I’ve deemed it such.  The place where my emotions about my emotions can be expressed is defined by me as a hiding place… the greatest of which is GOD Himself.

I love this blog, and I adore discussing the “secret things” of the other blogs within this forum.

For instance, Glory Shield Ministries website looks better than ever to me because it is so simple.  I had complicated things too much before; early on I was learning and it showed.  Not that I’m not still learning and ever learning (gratefully), but I’ve only lately become of the opinion that simpler is better and it really works for me.  Thank You, Jesus.

I hesitated a little at first to undertake the “Theater of My Mind” blog because it is so frank and often unyielding a forum for my forgotten thoughts not so forgotten.  I can address what’s on my heart as though it is not me; I can remember, release, and forgive – all in writing.  I can express my innermost soul of mental definitions in hatred and fear and humor and pain… and then turn it all over to God.

You’re an odd bird, Sharon.  Thank God for “Shamma”.  Thank God for His love of us both… and thank God for this diary blog.

Seven or Eight Blogs and a Website…?  Nah, I think it sounds best with the name remaining the same.




Renewal in Truth

I can’t help being thrilled by the truth that, as long as I abide in Christ Jesus, the future’s only growing brighter and brighter for me.  The world outside is trembling beneath the cold, cruel, arid, empty breath of sin… but inside me there burns a fire brightly radiating Christ’s love to the encouragement of my soul.

The mission of my heart and hands in You, Abba, is to yield to Your Holy Spirit that He might shine the light of Your fire within me to every precious heart comprising the multitudes of Your creation throughout the earth.  Just as benevolent souls shared the Gospel with me, I want to share it with others – that they, too, will know Your safety amidst a world of turmoil and death.


For with the approach of Spring comes the rebirth of Hope in the hopeless, JOY to the mourners, and renewed Blessing to all who’ve felt cursed.  The cooing of Christ’s doves of Peace will be heard once again in our land…

Song of Solomon 2 12


Ultimately, Good Fruit

Ultimately, honesty bears good fruit, and it has for me.  As a matter of fact, there’s a “peace and quiet” in my life right now that I almost feel guilty about… but not quite.  Mostly, I’m thankful for it because it’s come about through that honesty I mentioned.

Yeah, this is the diary blog… you can always tell, can’t you?

A few months ago I spoke about being honest with a friend of mine, and that’s the positive result of which I now speak – sort of.  The peace and quiet to which I refer is partly born of honor and respect, and partly of rejection from that party now that I’ve told the truth.  Had I to do it all again, however, the outcome would be the same.  I would be honest so that things could change and grow and prosper. (Not an “end” to friendship [at least not in my eyes], but simply a readjustment and major lightening of some really inordinately intense expectations and enabling, on both sides.)

Insert a “sigh” of relief… please?

I want to relax in this new-found quiet… this peace I haven’t had in a very long time.  I just don’t want to recline my emotions only to have them tossed up again.  I want this peace to last.  God is changing my entire duty station and venue in the midst of all of this, and the ministry of the blogs and Glory Shield website is growing richer by the day.  I think I’ll have peace that will last because it is the result of redefining God has been doing over the last few years, actually, but mostly without my help because I was too afraid to be honest. 

As I’ve said before about this particular subject, I’m a little vague on purpose but, suffice it to say and conclude the matter (at least for now), God has brought peace to this situation in the way I’ve always wanted.  Now, I want to enjoy its proper components and be glad.