No Matter the Seasons

I’m grateful for different seasons in my life and I admit there was once a part of me that thought certain matters in my life would never change.  I thought God wouldn’t allow it, but I was wrong.  People do come and go in relationships in life and some stay longer than others but, eventually, everything gets redefined because that is the nature of growth.  Thank You, Jesus.

My mind cranks on through fever and bleary-eyed congestion.  When they’re not pinned to tissues pinned to my runny nose, my fingers still type as my mind grinds… it never stops (and, secretly, I don’t want it to).

I’m free of entanglements left behind while others are cautiously exposed.  God is always a careful healer.  Brick by brick and chip by chip He delicately exposes me.  I cry to Him, I come to Him in prayer and quietly crouch before Him in worship while He strokes my fevered, teary brow.  God is amazing, and He’s not afraid of colds.

This new season came as a “suddenly”, and I couldn’t be more glad but, admittedly, I’m still in a bit of shock.  So different, my God… so different being out here in the world with only You as my shelter. But then Holy Spirit sweetly whispers…  “He’s always been your only shelter, beloved.”  Ain’t it the truth! 

Merciful God I don’t want to feel guilty about being free.  I just want to be it.

I don’t want to forever long to see Your bright face.  I just want to see it.

Here I am, just You and me and freedom – all Your life has to offer.

I don’t care about anything else – I just want to be Your daughter.

It all comes down to that for me no matter where the Lord takes me in the course of His call on my life.  The pastor calling, that of the teacher, preacher, and writer are all of value and worth and purpose and meaning – absolutely.  But, to me, I’ll tell you nothing means more to me than being my (true) Father’s daughter.  Finally and completely, my Heavenly Father’s daughter.  That’s my truest, bravest, best cause for living… I can’t declare it enough… and I embrace Christ Jesus to take in the Godhead in full, clutching Them all to my breast.

“For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead, bodily.”  Just listen to that.  As its truth sinks into my soul, I don’t mind the seasons changing, relationships redefined, or even “suddenlies” gripping me.  I am Jesus’ bride and He is my Bridegroom.  The door of His sacred body is closed behind us and, within the veil, are the Godhead lovingly seated before the supper of my life’s plan and circumstances… and all is well.  Their love to me is wonderful… passing the love of all mankind.  I am content and satisfied.  Amen.



Thank God

I need for relationships to be simple. That’s how it is between God and I. With no pretenses, no innuendos or suppositions, and no hesitance in honesty; that’s how I want relationships to be.

What? Am I crazy? Probably near about, I guess. A little expectant? A bit too hard or judgemental? Or just a dreamer? Which is it?

When God is your example, you become quickly spoiled… at least I do.

Now, do I give all that to Him at all times in our relationship? Oh, how I wish I did, but I don’t! You’d think I would by now, but I never stop being human or battling with the flesh… so I never give 100% of what I get from Him, yet He doesn’t hold it against me.

Therein is the example in persevering love He sets for you and me each day.

Oh, how I want relationships to be simple, to meet the kind of person that I am. But I complicate things for God and He loves me still. God is so perfect… perfect in every way and I adore Him for it. I would be lost without that example; a train wreck in sneakers without His love; an arrogant, angry, nobody without His forgiveness.

God’s love puts us all on the map… and I’m rambling again because tonight my soul is so filled with thoughts.

Thank God for my diary…

photo credit: Thomas Leuthard via photopin ccThere is nothing the enemy can do to defeat the love of friendshipif you are willing.  Are you willing?  Will you? If you won’t, you can forget it.  But please know that I am willing.  That means, when you do want to fight for us (not if you do), you’ll see that I will, too.  I will, too.  Whether you are or not – I am willing.  Are you?

photo credit: Thomas Leuthard via photopin cc