New Hope

peace wallpaperThe Lord’s Hope has been renewed in my life, such that I don’t doubt His abilities to restore me in His marriage plan.  That’s something BIG, believe me; discouragement had a near victory in that area… but no more.  Amen.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” scripture says in Proverbs 13:12a… so God circumvented all that which tried making my heart sick.  When I truly, truly, truly, repented of the ugly soil that originally birthed corruption in me waaaay back so long ago… He heard my cry and has forgiven me in the deepest dark places of my beginnings with sin.  When that happened, my HOPE was restored and I believed more strongly than ever that God could, can, and will make a way for me – even when there seems to be no way. (I cover this testimony with the Precious Blood of Jesus.)

AMEN.  This Year of Jubilee is paying off! 🙂

And that’s my prayer for all of you… anyone, whoever is reading; that HOPE be restored or (in the best case) never be deferred or lost within you.  It’s so good when it’s at work within your soul because you believe what is TRUE FOREVER… that our God can do anything, and that there is NOTHING TOO HARD FOR HIM!

Amen again, and God bless you!



Put Away the “Popeye Boot”!

The flesh is so easy to hook and to fool… it makes me sick.  >:0(

I had looked to all the “likes” and “+1s” and “follows” I was receiving in joy at first.  Then, I looked forward to them.  Then, I grew dependent upon them.  It didn’t last very long but it happened.  Holy Spirit gently exposed and corrected me, and I’ve been kicking myself until I stop… know what I mean?  Sometimes it’s difficult to forgive yourself until you do… you’re just angry until you’re not angry anymore – it has to wear off, and that’s an unpleasant process.

I’ve just had that happen, all due to my stinking flesh.

Now, the righteous perspective of seeing numbers go up for site visits and seeing smiling faces in “likes” and having “+1s” on a post is that it’s a manifest encouragement regarding the outreach of God’s Spirit to the masses.  I visit and read and “like” and “+1” every day myself – giving what I pray to receive and benefiting from the wisdom and encouragement of God in others – it’s all good as long as things proceed by God’s definition.  Therein is the rub…

Only meeting with God on a regular basis prevents me from following the flesh down the primrose path and, whenever there’s a problem, it’s a sign that my marvelous, private time with Jesus has decreased.  I admit it had sloughed off in light of “things to do”.  Ah, the silly, preoccupied, divergent flesh!  (But Sharon, the flesh will never be anything but the flesh, so it’s up to YOU not to follow its lead, sweetheart!  Don’t you know that?)

All Right, Calm Down…

Put away the “Popeye Boot”, beloved… God knows your heart.  He led you back to thoughts of intimacy and practices of oneness, didn’t He?  He renewed closeness and loyalty and rejoicing and singing within you and, now, the two of you are having a glorious time – right?

So, stop kicking yourself, and don’t let the devil bounce you around; JESUS LOVES YOU.  Conviction, yes – but no condemnation because you’re in Christ Jesus, girl!  Don’t look back, look forward, and be grateful for the loving, powerful arm of Jesus going forth to the multitudes bringing in those “+1s” and “likes” every day.  Praise the Lord for them!  They’re His – every last one!

Let the conclusion of the matter be God’s wisdom, and let it be His JOY.  Thank You, Father.

Your SHAMMA  =0]

Relief is only spelled “J E S U S”

Focus on God is the only truly restorative agent for our minds, in life.  TV, secular music, DVDs… none of these things really “restore” us after a day in the world, absorbing its poisons.  Nothing truly cleanses us, either, but time spent with the Lord in praise and worship.

God once told me that praising Him in the dance literally cleanses us of the poisons of the day, allowing ministering spirits to wash us clean and pour the Blood of Jesus onto us for renewed focus and replenished hope and JOY.  I believe it.  I’ve tried it, friends, and (big surprise here…) God is right.

There have been times when I’ve just wanted to veg-out in front of a good movie for a while to allow my brain to disappear… but that doesn’t do me any good, ultimately.  When I emerge from that vegetative state, the world’s problems plop back onto me and, in moments, I’m walking through the house rambling again in self-talk and accusations of people who aren’t even there!

Just being real with you.

The devotional up on the Glory Shield website today basically says that only Jesus can satisfy our souls.  Truer words were never spoken as it pertains to the Godhead’s abilities to resolve all of life’s dilemmas and bring us PEACE.  Wanting peace “at any cost” will get us into trouble and bondage… it’ll turn us into timid, tortured “Ahabs”.  I don’t want that kind of existence (it sure isn’t what I’d call “living”).  No… I want the Peace of God that passes all understanding; that Presence of His heart in my life that makes all other things disappear in the light of His tender goodness.  It never gets any more complicated than that, friends.  Just Jesus – and me.  Just Jesus – and you.  There’s plenty of Him to go around because He is the Almighty God and can be shared 100% with all of His kids simultaneously.

Roll that around in your mouth!  Wonderful, isn’t it?!

Focus your heart and mind on God and so will I, because it’s true: ONLY JESUS CAN SATISFY OUR SOULS.

Have a blessed day, everybody…