Another Painting… and a Shock

The latest painting God has given me is called, “Prayer Trees”, and I have felt emotionally attached to this one. That’s a good thing. It’s me and the Godhead in the secret place of communion we share. Its actual colors are purple and green – but my camera skills aren’t the best – the settings should have been adjusted correctly before I took this. Sorry…

Prayer Trees
“Prayer Trees” © 2016, S. Palmer. All Rights Reserved.

I’m still learning and growing in use of the acrylics medium; I’ve historically used oils, which I also enjoy. Acrylics, however, dry so quickly the gratification of seeing the results of what I paint comes quickly… who doesn’t like that?  Please pray for me as I continue on this extremely enjoyable road by God’s power, grace, generosity, and mercy.

A Sad Shock

Recently I read a message online that actually said interracial and intergenerational marriages are sinful! Needless to say, I was entirely shocked and saddened by it… especially because I am married to a white man 28 years my senior.

I completely disagree with that message; I’ve remanded its author to God’s custody, that the light of God’s truth will permeate their heart and mind. Racial prejudice and age prejudice… prejudice of any kind… that’s sin.

Unless God commands otherwise*, we are not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers – God makes no such command regarding saved males and females of different races or generations coming together in marriage. We’re one in Christ Jesus, and there are myriad instances in scripture where patriarchs married outside their race and were generations older than their spouses. Moses and Abraham both remarried outside their race; also, it’s more than likely Gideon had those 70 children with different, younger, wives over his lifetime… and so what? Like everything, the marriage bond is subject to the will of the Father; otherwise, why did God command Hosea to marry Gomer – an actively sinning prostitute? She wasn’t following Yahweh (to say the least), yet in God’s desire to reflect Israel’s whoredom toward Him, *He commanded their union.

We’re not the Judge, GOD is…

Also, recommending that couples who’ve entered into these so-called “sinful” marriages stay married for the sake of not being divorced is duplicitous confusion. If it were true that interracial/intergenerational marriage is sin, God would never sanction such unions continuing; He would command their termination so that “sin” would be abandoned.  You can’t have it both ways.

Prejudice is a sin of the heart and emotions that can only be handled through repentance. That’s my prayer in this matter; that all who embrace the belief that God will not accept married believers of “every kindred, every tongue, and every nation” into His Household through faith in Jesus Christ will be pierced by the light of God’s convicting truth and repent.

In the interim, my husband and I are fulfilling God’s plan for our lives with JOY. Amen.



That’s it…

Most people say hate is a strong word. In my opinion, it’s really a powerful one.  When someone looks at you with hatred, or says they hate you, it goes through your body and stains the wall behind you.  It’s powerful.

Love isn’t equally powerful – it’s all-powerful – more than surpassing hatred… dwarfing and disarming it; defeating it completely.  But so few people truly love – while choking, stifling amounts of people hate.

Hate’s not something to be played with.  It brings no true delight and that’s why I didn’t say it’s nothing to be “toyed” with, because toys bring delight – they bring joy.  There’s nothing of joy in hatred… only barrenness and sorrow.

It’s hard to swallow when hatred’s in your belly.  It’s hard to believe the truth or even talk about it… when you hate.  I’ve dealt with hatred myself, I’ve felt it myself, I’ve seen it brew within others.

It’s difficult not to sing when you love like God loves.  When you don’t care what a person’s said or done or will ever say or do that wreaks with mistakes or sin.  It just doesn’t matter because you love them, and that’s it.  I LOVE FEELING LOVE LIKE THAT.  It’s how God loves.  Our performance isn’t the point… our existence is.  He loves us because we exist.  He brought us into existence because He loves us… and He loves us because He IS Love.  I can barely keep from singing!  And who wants to keep from singing?!

Love is the “all-powerful” word.


Starting over “older” is fine, right?

Starting over “older” is okay.  It really is.  It’s fine.

Ever say stuff like that to yourself but not believe a word of it?  So have I.  But the real truth is that, as I grow older, (and I’m not Methuselah by anyyy means!) I realize starting over really is okay.  We’re better equipped as we move along in life and in the wisdom of God.

I look back on a life lived largely for Jesus, but also one that once bent and swayed with the wind like a reed – and once bobbed and bowed like a rudderless shipDSCN0379 on sin’s choppy ocean.  Life’s held a lot for me, and it’s got a lot more in store.  The difference is I’m not approaching the future in sin or shame or bondage or with overwhelmingly heavy, rotting carcasses of the past clinging to my soul. That’s the Lord’s doing.

New beginnings, by God’s definition, are just that.  The old has gone – the new has come.

Yeah, the flesh is still here so I’ve determined to submit myself to Jesus in even stronger ways… but I’ve got Holy Spirit and years of living a Godly, submitted life to uphold me.  I always need upholding because the flesh always craps out.  The flesh is weak, just like Jesus said; it never helps out, it always complains and whines and criticizes.  The flesh stinks, and that’s all it ever will do.

HOWEVER…  (it’s high time for a “however” here, Sharon)

Christ Jesus has been putting my flesh in a sound-proof room for nearly 40 years now… straight-jacketed and helpless, unless I give into its chiding and grousing and selfish irritations.  Yuck! Sharon, stop that!

Let “Shamma” take over and have the upper hand… let the spirit-man named “Obedient One” follow the Lord to safer shores and even coasts and sweet-smelling seas in righteousness, peace, and JOY in Holy Ghost.  Let the old be gone so the new can fully come!  Start the new year with a SHOUT…!

Starting over “older” is free and easy as long as Christ is involved.  With Jesus the Christ – truly – it’s okay… it’s fine.