Renewal in Truth

I can’t help being thrilled by the truth that, as long as I abide in Christ Jesus, the future’s only growing brighter and brighter for me.  The world outside is trembling beneath the cold, cruel, arid, empty breath of sin… but inside me there burns a fire brightly radiating Christ’s love to the encouragement of my soul.

The mission of my heart and hands in You, Abba, is to yield to Your Holy Spirit that He might shine the light of Your fire within me to every precious heart comprising the multitudes of Your creation throughout the earth.  Just as benevolent souls shared the Gospel with me, I want to share it with others – that they, too, will know Your safety amidst a world of turmoil and death.


For with the approach of Spring comes the rebirth of Hope in the hopeless, JOY to the mourners, and renewed Blessing to all who’ve felt cursed.  The cooing of Christ’s doves of Peace will be heard once again in our land…

Song of Solomon 2 12



Anyone Want Spring?

I’m soaring over a mountainous area and I feel fine.  There’s just something about what the sun does to earth and water that absolutely delights me!  When winter snow grips the land (and who in the northeast doesn’t know about that?) and icy cold holds everything hostage, I feel thankful.  I’m grateful God is killing things like germs and viruses and bacterial contaminants with this stifling arctic blast called winter.  “Who can withstand His cold?”

Mercy in the form of spring thaw and summer thriving is fast on its way, Sharon; so take heart and enjoy the winter while it lasts!  Sometimes I buy that last part (enjoy the winter?) and sometimes not… no, sometimes NOT! is how I reallyyy feel.  It is frickin’ cold outside!!

Anyway, the soaring and thanksgiving I can do from panes of glass cutting portals into my warm bedroom.  “Warm” is a good word to use during winter, again and again please… thank You, Jesus, for “warm”!

Since the reality of life, according to God’s plan, is this:

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” (Gen. 8:22)

I need to rejoice and be glad and let the winter winds lift my wings.  Dear Sharon, get over yourself. Squeeze God by His waist, and look ’round each corner for spring!


What Do You Think?

In two years I’ll be 50 and I’m amazed I made it this far.  I haven’t exactly fought God “tooth and toenail” as my twin sister would say, but He’s had His work cut out for Him over the years.  Have you made it to 48, 49, or 50?  Hspring-flower-and-snowow do you feel about it?

Tonight I’m expecting spring to show itself in new ways.  The calendar says it’s spring and so do my emotions.  I’m waiting to breathe the first fresh spring air and feel warmth from the sun as well as light.  Earth’s growing closer to it… warm weather is a miracle.  I don’t suppose there are blizzards in Heaven (at least I hope not), even for Saints who relish cold weather.  What do you think?

God’s encouragement is like sunrise.  His comfort is like snuggling into a soft, warm bed.  His rebuke and correction is like being temporarily handcuffed; it pinches a bit and holds me still until I realize where I am.  The cuffs reflect His claim to ownership of me; so even though it stings for a moment, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Do you like being owned by God?  I do.

I have liteHandcuffs01_2008-07-27rally experienced times when I “feel” Holy Spirit’s hand over my mouth.  It’s usually when I’m tempted to punch someone in the face.  Surprised?  Don’t be; I’m human, too.  Without the “self-control” gift of Holy Spirit, I’d probably be frowning behind a bunch of numbers in a mug shot book.  The flesh doesn’t care who it kills, y’all.  Anyone giving in to it is a likely enough candidate.  I praise God for His TREMENDOUS mercy on me.  I thank God for Holy Spirit’s hand over my mouth.  What’s your opinion on that?

How would you rate yourself as a person?  Ever ask yourself that?  I think, on a scale of one to ten, I would rate myself a seven – especially heartsgiven what God has mercifully done for me.  Every good and merciful work within me is His doing and, as far as I’m concerned, no one but Jesus is a ten.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to allow God to even make you a seven??  And let me back up the truck to pick up a little more realism and humility and say, I’m a seven on an extraordinarily GOOD day… the rest of the time I’m about a five, but Abba’s love of me is always a ten and, for that, I’m grateful beyond words… deliriously so in fact.

I am a plain girl who loves the Lord with all her heart and is used by Him due to His everlasting mercy, favor, and love for me.  How do you feel about that?

Goodnight, everybody.