Anyone Want Spring?

I’m soaring over a mountainous area and I feel fine.  There’s just something about what the sun does to earth and water that absolutely delights me!  When winter snow grips the land (and who in the northeast doesn’t know about that?) and icy cold holds everything hostage, I feel thankful.  I’m grateful God is killing things like germs and viruses and bacterial contaminants with this stifling arctic blast called winter.  “Who can withstand His cold?”

Mercy in the form of spring thaw and summer thriving is fast on its way, Sharon; so take heart and enjoy the winter while it lasts!  Sometimes I buy that last part (enjoy the winter?) and sometimes not… no, sometimes NOT! is how I reallyyy feel.  It is frickin’ cold outside!!

Anyway, the soaring and thanksgiving I can do from panes of glass cutting portals into my warm bedroom.  “Warm” is a good word to use during winter, again and again please… thank You, Jesus, for “warm”!

Since the reality of life, according to God’s plan, is this:

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” (Gen. 8:22)

I need to rejoice and be glad and let the winter winds lift my wings.  Dear Sharon, get over yourself. Squeeze God by His waist, and look ’round each corner for spring!



What’s wrong with cool breezes?

Before we know it the summer will be over and we’ll be knee-deep in snow again.  I know we’ve got the better part of two months before that happens and, believe me, I’m grateful.  But every time the summer breeze blows a little cooler than I think, my mind goes to winter… I guess because I’m no winter girl.

I love looking out at frosty mornings from the warmth of my house and squinting at sunlight streaking brightly from ice-laden trees.  I really do; and it’s extremely picturesque.  However… try as I might to be otherwise (though I’ve never really tried), I am a summer girl deep down in my heart.  I only marginally like spring, although I’m grateful for it because it beats the heck out of winter.  I am a summer girl.

Would I miss the change of seasons if ever I should leave here?  ABSOLUTELY, I would.  New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are my original stomping grounds.  Over the years I’ve also grown very fond of New Jersey, though I never thought I would.  I consider it a blessing to have lived here for 15 years, but “home” is wherever God is, whether the seasons change or not.

So let winter come and be here… it’s coming – yes, I know.  The summer months will come around again and I’ll stop complaining about the snow.  Cool breezes bring relief, Sharon! That’s what I keep telling myself, and it’s true.  West winds bring rain and summer will return again to break the grip of ice and snow.  So the cycle will not cease because God’s covenant is sure…

“While the earth remains, seed-time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” (Genesis 8:22)

It’s one of my favorite verses in the Bible, declaring the Noahic covenant of peace between God and nature and man.  But one day it will be too hot for everything, won’t it?  And the elements will melt away with fervent heat… of that we also have God’s promise.  Then it will not matter whether there is change of seasons… then it will not matter whether New York or New Jersey is my abode.  My “home” will be with Jesus, and the atmosphere will be safely His.  Then I know that I’ll be full of JOY and will never again dread cool breezes.



Thoughts on Summer and God

Lord willing, this will be the first summer I experience since starting the blogs and website.

Daddy’s Girl was born in November 2012, followed quickly by Beyond the Veil, the testimony blog many of you are familiar with called “How Did I Get Into This Family?”, and then the Glory Shield Ministries website.  This diary blog brought up the tail end praising God for all He’s wrought.  Boom, boom, boom… His progress in me has been great over nearly eight months!

Now the flourishing green of summer is upon us!  It is my favorite season; always has been.  My writing does very well in summer (I cover my words and testimony with the Blood of Jesus, as always).  The blogs should do well also.

Right now in New Jersey it’s raining off and on, as it has been over the past two days.  We’ve needed the rain and I’m glad to have it.  God revealed also to my pastor that His rain is often symbolic of Holy Spirit’s outpouring.  That’s a nifty thing.

I look forward to producing more and more on the Glory Shield website, especially since I’m feeling better; it’s been a lesson in great love and perseverance starting that site.  I’ve wanted to do so for quite some time, but I’ve only been truly “ready” since February when we flashed on the air by God’s grace and power.

Ever been in heaven with what you’re doing?  Ever been so delighted you’re practically beside yourself with JOY? That’s how I am feeling right now, Saints… and I praise God for it all because He’s the Author of it.  I asked Him for a way to use the teaching gift He’s given me.  I asked Him to expand my writing abilities and avenues, and He’s done it.  He’s done just that in answer to prayer, but also in fulfillment of His pre-planned destiny for me since before I even knew how to write or picked up a pen!

God is amazing.

The luscious, velvety green of summer is His, too, you know… and I look forward to praising Him in it.  Amen.


Oh, yes… there’s also a kind of quietly beautiful poetry site I’ve recently begun at Stop by soon, won’t you?  =0)