It’s My Time

It’s my time to stand up for Jesus… to stand up for God and not belly-ache.

I deleted a post I wrote yesterday because the simple truth is that NOW it’s my time to actually live what I have been preaching; to stand up for Jesus and love unconditionally, and really and wholly and truly.  It’s my time to TRUST GOD!

It’s my time to be strong and stand in the Lord and in the power of His might.  It’s my time to show that I am faithful to what He has promised in terms of my believing.  I am faithful to believe.  It’s my time to show that I am faithful to believe.

I love Jesus.

Persevering and freedom and encouraging myself in the Lord, I am going to press on by His power.  I am NOT ‘down in the dumps’, I am NOT discouraged.  I am going to press on, move on, and be FREE by His power over me – by His power manifested in my life.  I love the Lord.

I love Jesus.  I believe in Him.  I submit to the “Light” He has placed in me.  Now, it’s my time to shine.





It Definitely Ain’t Broke, thank God

It’s actually something like seven or eight blogs and a website these days… but I can’t find it in my heart to change the name of this blog because it’s meant so much to me.  In many ways it’s my literary hiding place.

Um, Sharon… the blog is public, right? So how can it be a “hiding place”?

Those who know what it is to take solace in expressing thoughts in any way you please understand why I’ve deemed it such.  The place where my emotions about my emotions can be expressed is defined by me as a hiding place… the greatest of which is GOD Himself.

I love this blog, and I adore discussing the “secret things” of the other blogs within this forum.

For instance, Glory Shield Ministries website looks better than ever to me because it is so simple.  I had complicated things too much before; early on I was learning and it showed.  Not that I’m not still learning and ever learning (gratefully), but I’ve only lately become of the opinion that simpler is better and it really works for me.  Thank You, Jesus.

I hesitated a little at first to undertake the “Theater of My Mind” blog because it is so frank and often unyielding a forum for my forgotten thoughts not so forgotten.  I can address what’s on my heart as though it is not me; I can remember, release, and forgive – all in writing.  I can express my innermost soul of mental definitions in hatred and fear and humor and pain… and then turn it all over to God.

You’re an odd bird, Sharon.  Thank God for “Shamma”.  Thank God for His love of us both… and thank God for this diary blog.

Seven or Eight Blogs and a Website…?  Nah, I think it sounds best with the name remaining the same.



Oh, April!

You can’t always trust April. Yeah, it’s a good month and all but, weather-wise, it can always surprise you.

April 6, 1982 for instance… I remember my earthly father looking out the front-door window and simply hollering to us upstairs as we lay snug in our beds, “Don’t even bother… school’s closed! Nobody’s going anywhere today.” (True music to school-kid ears…) Sure enough, overnight we’d been walloped with two feet of snow!  In APRIL?!  Heyyy, what happened to spring?

Fast-forwarding to an April morning in my adulthood as I visited a friend and camped out on the couch until the smell of breakfast woke me.  When we turned the television on, its report was that three feet of the white stuff had grid-locked the city, and my friend and her husband were both stuck at home that day with me, the news, and weather channel for company.  All in April.

I’m sure there’s plenty more occasions of which I’m not aware.  It doesn’t make April a bad month, though; like I said up top – April’s all right enough.  It’s just that… for a so-called “spring month”, I find it may harbor some winter allegiances.  We need to consider that.

Have a great day, y’all.