Always Write

I write to change lives and because I can’t stay away from it.  I’ve always written since I’ve known how.  My mother taught me to write my name in cursive when I was just three years old.  I can still see our kitchen table, me sitting, her standing there holding my little hand with hers and guiding me through the lettering of my first name… how I loved it!

I’ve written more and more ever since.  There has never been a time in my life when I was not writing.  About one thing or another at one time or another, I was always writing.  Anyone with a passion for the work of their hands born of their heart knows exactly what I mean; it’s not confined only to writing.

I don’t want to be famous – I want to change lives.  I don’t want to be a millionaire – I want to draw others to God through the knowledge of the truth He’s birthed within me.  I want to write and express myself in writing better and better each day.  I want to teach and communicate God’s true heart to the masses, sharing what I’ve learned of it myself – for I can’t teach what I don’t know, and I can’t lead where I don’t go.

I want to continue knowing God for myself more and more every day, and I want to write about it.  Merciful God, please let me always always write.



Talk About God All Day!

By God’s grace, I’m beginning to see the tip of the iceberg He has for me in online ministry… I mean, beyond even all the fabulousness He’s already shown me.

I’d have probably made a decent psychiatrist, because I always want to know and express what’s really inside.  To me, you’re left in the dark unless you can know what a person’s thinking and feeling about things – guessing is dangerous.

Sometimes, though (well, most times) even I don’t know what I’m truly thinking and feeling without Holy Spirit’s insight.  God knows me far better than I.  For 48 years I’ve lived and breathed and heard myself, but I don’t know me like the Lord; that’s just truth.

With the poetry site and the short story site added, I hear God telling  me things about teachings now on YouTube and even other venues… we live in such critical times.  Did I say yes to all this?  Somewhere in eternity I must have, because there is a fire in me to communicate His word to the masses like never before.  It’s what I sincerely desire to do.  I don’t want to cook or clean or drive trucks or race cars to do business or mend fences… I want to write and teach for JESUS in every way that I can.

Cooking and cleaning and driving and mending are honorable tasks – I’m not knocking any of them – and God can use every venue to His glory.  But the fire He’s put in my belly for writing and teaching and speaking and singing and communicating His message is the one on which I’m focused.  My delight in it is endless… I’m starting to know what He means by rivers of living water springing from our bellies… has that ever happened to you?  I know I’m NOT alone – I can’t be!

I think what I may be a bit more alone in is my absolute naivety in some respects of the magnitude of assignment God has for me.  I think it’s great, and it is… I think it’s awesome, and it is… but I haven’t a clue as to its true scope and worth.  I may not actually grasp that until Heaven.  THAT IS EXCITING.

Some days I just want to roll on and on about His goodness and my awe of Him.  This is one of those days.  Holy Spirit never gets tired of hearing Abba praised; I believe it makes Him glad.  I know that’s what it makes me.

Have a fabulous day!


How Do I Feel Tonight?

When you are cradled in the Lord’s arms, nothing else much matters.

I feel good tonight.  My spirit is quiet and safe and warm, but it is also contemplative – vastly.  You know what I mean?  This is another post of just my thoughts about so many things because they… I was going to say “wander”, but that’s not the right word… they don’t wander, they wonder – very different concept.

Sometimes my fingers keep up – sometimes they don’t but, either way, my thoughts run on and on and on.  I think that’s part of what makes us formed in the image of God, I really do, because there’s never a part of Him that isn’t in motion.  Not that He’s overly or annoyingly kinetic (like some people are); He’s just always “in motion” in the sense of growth and creation… all good stuff.

God is never “stagnant”.  That very notion is absurd.

And He has made us like Him in that, if we always listen and pay attention (there’s a difference), we’ll always be creating, too.  He will allow us to participate in His creative process born within us through our oneness with Him in Christ Jesus.  All kinds of awesomely cool attributes get passed along to us through the Godhead’s DNA when we accept and receive Jesus as our Older Brother, the way God intended.  What’s that all about, friends?  And, by that, I mean – HOW STUPENDOUSLY AWESOME!

“I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I, but CHRIST LIVES IN ME…”  That’s a wonderful place to be.  And in that place we can contemplate and be in awe of God, constantly; never moving, yet never standing still.  You know what I mean?  Our God can do anything… that’s what I mean.  Our God can do everything… that’s what I mean.

Everything good and perfect and of life and health and strength and holiness and purity and might and delight… that’s what our God can do!  And He is incapable of lying.  How is THAT for wonderful?

It’s like that old gospel song I heard growing up which declares, “God Can Do Anything But Fail”.  Hallelujah!

I am all right tonight.  I moving, I am breathing, I am magnifying His Holy Name whether my flesh wants to or not.  The flesh is so insignificant… really.  The flesh… one day I’ll be RID of it and all of its trouble.  I honestly will not miss it one tiny bit, will you?

Tonight I’m feeling fine.  My God and I are on the same page (meaning I am in alignment with His marvelous will), and the night is passing over me like a warm, friendly garment.

Really… tonight, I’m feeling fine.